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Blogchatter A to Z are blogposts related to each letter of the alphabet all through the month of April.

  • Niagara Fall
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    N – Niagara Fall – Beauty of The United States

    Niagara Falls | United States The season to explore is here! And all of you must be searching for a perfect getaway destination. If you’re a water baby, then Niagara Fall should be in your Bucket List! Niagara fall, situated on US and Canadian Border, separates the province of Ontario and New York State. Niagara fall is combined of three waterfalls namely, Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls. Horseshoe is the largest fall amongst these three. It lies on the border of the United States and Canada; while other two waterfalls completely lie in the US. Niagara is a quite famous tourist location due to all…

  • Magical Marakkesh
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    M – Magical Marrakesh #A2ZChallenge

    Magical Marrakesh Everything about Marrakech Tourism is magical and mystical. Today I embark on the quest to discover unique things to do in Marrakech in this blog post. Marrakesh comes from the words amur and kush, which means Land of God. it is the fourth largest city of the Kingdom of Morocco, after Casablanca, Fez, and Tangier. Travelers often term Marrakesh as Morocco’s most intoxicating city. From old city walls, crumbling palaces to noisy souks, Marrakesh is unique in every way. This typical ambiance lends it a distinct character, different from most African and European travel destinations. Read further to discover the most unique things to do in Marrakech and bag…

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    L- Limitless Ladakh #A2ZChallenge

    Ladakh Tourism If you wish to feel being on top of the world, then you should explore Ladakh Tourism. If you feel a connection with the mountains, then Ladakh is the place to go. Where is Ladakh? Ladakh is the adventure capital of India and Ladakh Tourism is gaining popularity. For all those whose wish for adrenaline filled vacation. Ladakh is the perfect destination. Its also known as ‘Land of High Passes’ an extremely mountainous region in the northwest Jammu and Kashmir region of India. Ladakh comprises of  2 districts: Kargil and Leh. Leh still looks and feels like Tibet than a part of India. You will find plenty of…

  • Kolkata Travel Experience
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    K – Kolkata Konnection #A2ZChallenge

    Kolkata Travel Experience My Kolkata Travel Experience and konnection with the City of Joy dates back to 35 years ago. It’s known as the City of Joy, I wondered why? Is there one particular reason? Kolkata is often called the ‘cultural capital of India’ and has been the capital of India before New Delhi. There is so much more to Kolkata than Howrah Bridge and Durga Pujo, trams and the Victoria Memorial. It has always been rich in the quality of people living here, who lead the life in euphoria, that is why it is termed as THE CITY OF JOY. As a newly wedded couple, we took one day to halt…

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    J – Joyous Jaipur, The Pink City #A2ZChallenge

    So The BlogChatter A to Z Challenge has reached the letter – J …. Shall I do J fo Jordan or Japan? Since I had covered my Jordan Journey and Cherry Blossom Festival of Japan in my earlier blog posts, I decided to do Jaipur Pink City. Why is Jaipur Pink City? Jaipur is popularly known as The Pink City because of the color of the stone exclusively used for the construction of all the structures. However, the history of Jaipur Pink City dates back to 1876.  That year Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria visited India and announced their visit to Jaipur. At that time, Maharaja Ram Singh of…

  • Iran Travel Blog
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    I – Intriguing Iran Culture #A2ZChallenge

    Time to Visit Iran Iran has always been intriguing and exciting to talk about. Just not because I am a Zoroastrian Irani by faith, the reason goes back to my childhood days. I have grown up on Iranian dishes and stories since childhood. My grandfather came from, Shiraz Iran. Moved to India in his youth, started a bakery business here with his brother and rest is history. He lived with us and was a kind caretaker. I have beautiful memories of him making us scrambled eggs and also narrating Iranian folk tales at bedtime. God bless his departed soul! So now check out my Iran Travel Blog. Intriguing Iran Iran is…