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V – Vipassana – The art of Meaningful Meditation

Vipassana-The art of Meaningful Meditation It has been twelve years since I first experienced the 10 day Vipassana course at Dhamma Giri, Igatpuri.

My first introduction to Vipassana was quite unexpected. I was told, it would be a silent meditation, with no eye contact, no reading or music, no exercise, no communication,  and overall no cellphones. I was prepared for all this as the benefits were so immense that cannot be measured in any form.

Vipassana-The art of Meditation

The Igatpuri Centre

 The Igatpuri centre is beautifully situated in a hilly area with trees all around and a lake nearby. Well planned rooms with attached bathrooms, well lit areas, dining room, reception area, meditation room and the Grand Pagoda are the main part of the infrastructure here. You could hear the sounds of the gong in your room. Pretty pathways with even prettier flower beds which made you smile. You can opt for single sharing or a twin sharing rooms. My room was instantly changed to another section where the windows had nets from which mosquitoes and lizards could not enter. So much for care and concern.

 What is Vipassana?

Vipassana- The art of Meditation is a form of meditation that can be translated as ‘Insight’ – a clear awareness of exactly what is happening every moment as you breathe. While practicing Vipassana, a deep calm comes over the body and mind, a state of tranquility which must be experienced to be understood.  This technique was supposedly practiced by Lord Buddha himself more than 2500 years ago. It is not associated with any specific religion but universally accepted practice for humanitarian benefits.

The Vipassana centres are located world-over. All of them are well maintained and run by an organization founded by the recently deceased Mr S.N. Goenka. This is a non profit making organization and welcomes people from all faiths and backgrounds.

Vipassana-The art of Meditation

The Basic Rules of Vipassana

So, now you might have more questions, more doubts, and would want to learn more about Vipassana-The art of Meaningful Meditation

At the start itself, attendees of a Vipassana course undertake these guidelines to be practiced during the entire course.  

1) Abstinence from killing any living thing

2) No phone, no internet, or any outside contact

3) No human contact or mixing with opposite sex

4) Abstinence from telling lies

5) Abstinence from all intoxicants like smoking, gutka etc.

6) Must observe a noble silence and calmness

7) Abstinence from rites, rituals, or other ceremonies

8) No Jogging, Yoga, or any forms of physical exercise

9) Strictly following the time-table  

10)  To stay within the ashram premises

Vipassana-The art of Meditation
The only Solo Picture I have from My Vipassana Trip

My experience of Vipassana

The initial days were very tough, in fact the first three days were very difficult to adapt and adjust. You have to wake up early and bathe as hot water comes in the tap for an hour only. I actually relished the simple vegetarian food along with the rigorous timetable. You actually wonder why you have been put through this kind of mindful meditation. Is it necessary? What will I gain? I kept asking myself. It is only after a few days whilst you get used to the routine and after the various meaningful discourses that you understand the value and deeper meaning of Vipassana.  You start liking and enjoying the experience.

Last Day of Vipassana we can interact and talk to other students

What positive attributes I gained

 For 10 days, I agreed to live a life of complete silence, called Noble Silence, along with people I did not know and with whom I could not make eye contact with.  

1.  I was happy to take a deep dive within myself to understand why we react to any stimuli.

2. Learnt more about the law of impermanence and non attachments to earthly pleasures.

3. Vipasssana helped me to concentrate, on important aspects of life.

5. It made me face life’s challenges better, change my previous habits that I was stressed about.

6. It helped me live in the present and let go of the past sufferings and pains.

7. Improved my family relationships, inter personal skills,  social connections, and less feeling of loneliness.

8. Vipassana teaches us how to detach amidst all luxuries, pleasures, and comforts of life.

My Final thoughts

I owe my spiritual enlightenment and power of tolerance to Vipassana-The art of meaningful Meditation. Even though I know craving leads to misery, I crave to visit one more time in my life and apply for my second Vipassana course.  For me, this was an experience of a lifetime that gave me the realization about existence and the role I play in this world.  It was an introduction to me by myself.

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  • Alpana

    I have heard a lot about Vipassana and those who have done it successfully have seen its Rea nbenefts not heir mind , body and soul. Its tough as we are not used to of that routine but it cleansers our entire system and most important our thought process.

    • Varsh

      I’ve heard a lot about Vipassana and with your experience it sounds even better. I hope to do this after my kids are a little older.

  • Mayuri Nidigallu

    I have always wanted to know all about Vipasana from someone who has actually done it. Glad I came across your detailed and very helpful post. I am hoping to try it out soon. Let’s hope I can make it happen.

  • Cindy Dsilva

    Wow this seems like a really calm place. I have not tried meditation till date. Probably I didn’t know how it helped while I was in dire situations and now I’ve learned to control my life.

  • Roma

    I am
    Intrigued to read about Vipasana as mediation or any form of meditation intrigues me and I agree the first few days are always difficult

  • Dr Bushra

    Vipassana-The art of Meditation is so different from other meditation forms. No internet and No Jogging, Yoga, or any forms of physical exercise. Good way for rejuvenating ourselves

  • Judy

    I have been delaying but longing to go to vipassana centre. This was a detailed post about how the experience is and what were your takeaways from doing this meditation. I would love to do it in Igatpuri only.

  • Smitha N

    I have heard a lot about vipassana centre but never got read about this in detailed definitely will be planning to visit in coming days definitely will be saving this post for guidance…. Thank you for sharing this post…

  • Snigdha

    I have heard about Vipasana from one of my neighbor . Now I found your post which is a detailed and elaborate one.. Thanks for sharing the info dear.

  • Amrit Kaur

    Such experience is good to calm our body and soul. I agree the starting is very difficult because our lifestyle changes suddenly but sooner we get adapted to the lifestyle and like it.

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