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Blogchatter A to Z are blogposts related to each letter of the alphabet all through the month of April.

  • tourist places in Odisha
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    T – Tourism Odisha Top Travel Destination #A2ZChallenge

    Tourist places in Odisha  What has Tourism Odisha got to offer?A Land of paddy fields and palm-fringed silver beaches, Is that all? No there are more Tourist places in Odisha to discover. Temples, rivers, waterfalls, tribal people, good food and so much more. Odisha is now gaining popularity with the people of India who is on the lookout for quieter destinations. More and more Indian travelers are looking forward to exploring this land of beaches and temples. Let’s explore more of  Tourism Orisha on their official website.  Why Visit Orisha? Odisha, the state that has a  glorious history, a state of nature and adventure. There is much more to see and…

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    S – Sensational Singapore Hidden Sightseeing Spots #A2ZChallenge

    Hidden Places in Singapore There is always a thrill of doing the unknown, something offbeat, that no one has done before. Are they any hidden places in Singapore yet to be discovered? On your next trip to Singapore consider venturing out a little and seeing a part of the city that most visitors tend to miss. Been to the Zoo and Singapore Flyer? Walked around Gardens by the Bay, umpteen times?  So what are the plans while exploring this modern City? Oooh, there are plenty of hidden places in Singapore to discover. Here’s a pick of Hidden places in Singapore 1. A visit to Lazarus Island Have you heard of…

  • River rafting in Rishikesh
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    R – River Rafting In Rishikesh #A2ZChallenge

    River Rafting in Rishikesh Har Har Gange….. Har Har Gange…. A common chant you hear while standing on top of Lakshman Jhula during sunset. It was exhilarating to just watch the rafters raise their oars with pride on completion of their river ride down the Ganges. River Rafting in Rishikesh is a sport the adventure lovers literally worship. I wished to experience this thrilling joy ride of a lifetime myself. And guess what? I actually got an opportunity which I grabbed with both hands. My First Darshan of River Ganga So, as our taxi meandered by the river to out hotel Aloha on The Ganges, I had made up my…

  • Qatar Vacation
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    Q – Quintessential Qatar #A2ZChallenge

    A Qatar Vacation on your Mind? Qatar isn’t the top location for most of vacation planners.  However, a Qatar Vacation is slowly emerging as a good getaway option for Indian tourists.  It has lots to offer besides its rich culture, history and luxurious activities. It is emerging as a top tourist destination for Indians in 2019   You will have to make sure that you have planned an interesting Qatar Vacation before you set out to travel. it is also one of the safest countries in the world for tourists and boasts the true wonders of hospitality that Arabs are so well known for.   How to get there – …

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    P – Perfect Paris Travel Guide #A2Zchallenge

    Paris Travel Guide I have been dreaming of visiting Paris since I was a little girl. Paris, the City of Lights, is the European capital, many Indians dream about visiting on their Honeymoon or at least once in their lifetime. Imagine walking down cobbled streets, visiting world-famous Eiffel Tower and eating chocolate croissants at a roadside cafe. If you never visited before, I think you need to take a look at this Perfect  Paris Travel Guide Before you book your tickets. How to get to Paris Numerous flights fly daily from all major international airports in India to all major cities in Europe such as Paris, Berlin, London, Frankfurt, and…

  • outdoor activities for women
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    O – Outdoor activities for Women – Guest Post by Nicole Anderson

    Outdoor activities for women: Gaining Popularity Well, we are talking about ‘Outdoor activities for Women’, which refers to getting out of your home, out of your city or town and into nature. This could mean a number of things.  It could be taking a hike in a nearby forest.  It could be exploring for waterfalls. It might be climbing a mountain. It could be taking a camping holiday. It could be kayaking along a river surrounded by beautiful natural countryside. Outdoor activities for Women are very enjoyable and beneficial too. A Global Trend Around the world, women of all ages and stages in life are spending more and more time…