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U – Unlucky or lucky? Yet life goes on..

What is considered Unlucky?

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.” – Samuel Goldwyn

What is your take on this quote? Do you believe in good luck or bad luck? Don’t we sometimes blame instances, dates and occurrences to bad luck? Human mindset conveniently blames all wrong doings on bad luck without thinking logically as to why it happened.  Research has shown that we generally use the left side of the brain which is subjected to think negatively more often. It’s just like seeing the glass half full or half empty.

Most of us consider a black cat crossing the road as unlucky, Friday the 13th and breaking of a mirror are also considered very unlucky. But is this all true? The perception of being lucky or otherwise is deeply rooted in the superstitious nature of an individual.

In the olden days, people relied on superstitions more than scientific theories whilst interpreting any incident. Superstitions and incidents that occurred subsequently which were believed to be unlucky, then were totally avoided later.

What was considered unlucky?

1. Breaking of a mirror or glass crockery

My grandmother insisted that one should be very careful while handling a mirror as it could bring 7 years of bad luck to the family. The belief behind this can be explained that mirrors were extremely expensive in the olden days and moms never wanted them broken. A broken mirror has sharp edges that could hurt anyone plus the reflections of these are distorted.

2. Do not cut nails after sunset

Cutting nails after dark was considered unlucky too. It was strictly not allowed even in my household. As I looked deeper into the matter to see the logic behind this. As there was less natural lighting after dark one could hurt or cut themselves with the sharp clippers. Nothing unlucky about this.

what is considered Unlucky

3. Avoid the path crossed by a black cat

Long long ago, when people would travel at night in India, they used to travel by bullock carts. The kerosene lamps would light up the eyes of wild animals such as leopards, jackals and large cats. This looked eerie and would scare the bullocks. Hence they would stop to drink water whenever any animal would cross the road. This unlucky act got passed down through generations and even till date a black cat is considered as unlucky. Black is believed to be a color of evil.

4. Keeping finger crossed for good luck

And yes, we have all crossed our fingers at some stage and time in our lives. Did we realize why? Its for the hope that the good happens. eg- A housie number you want to win the jackpot. At the spur of the moment to ward off the bad luck and usher in the good luck a person crosses the middle finger over the index finger. But does it help?

what is considered Unlucky

5. Number 13 is unlucky

Even number 13 is considered an unlucky number by so many. 13 is never a good date to do anything auspicious and especially if it falls on a Friday. Many try to avoid the number 13 as they consider it as unlucky.  The major reason is that, at the Last Supper with Jesus Christ, there were 13 people. The major reason for Jesus betrayal and crucification.

6. Dahi Cheeni for Good Luck

So why is consuming a spoon of curd and sugar before going out of the house considered as lucky? Nope, this has nothing to do with being unlucky or lucky. It is just a way to stay calm as the enzymes in curd and sweetness of sugar keep you hydrated and cool to focus right.  

My final thoughts

Whether you’re superstitious or not, it wouldn’t hurt to take extra care of how you handle it on a day to day basis. And then, accordingly, you decide whether it is unlucky or lucky and move forward, positively.

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  • Alpana

    Now you made me think. I am not superstitious. And I always question about what if someone who doesn’t know about such practices does something then? What will happen? today, I am living in the USA and it make me think that how far we should be holding to these beliefs? By not having good luck doesn’t come with dahi chini but with hard work. Was it because, in olden days, these two ingredients were readily available in the kitchen that why tis practice started. Same thing goes for Nail cutting. I agree with your point. Due to less light, it is risky to cut nails not because of some other reason.

  • Cindy Dsilva

    Hahaha good post. We generally avoid black cats and laugh. Not sure if they really are unlucky. But I do touch wood whenever the unthinkable good happens coz the unthinkable bad can happen anytime after that.

  • Mayuri Nidigallu

    So glad you wrote this, Annu! These age old myths need to be busted. The Dahi Cheeni one, my grandmom had explained the science behind it, and told us that is the reason she insists on giving it to us before any exam.

  • Anita

    Oh well I suppose it’s what we grow up believing.Its a personal belief and if it doesn’t harm anyone ,I dont think much about them.Liked your views about it.

  • Dipika Singh

    Your final thoughts resonate with mine so well, during my growing up days I used to argue with mom and granny for these superstitious things. But slowly it sunk in, that even if these won’t any sense no need to talk back and hurt their sentiments.

  • Judy Morris

    Well to be honest even I feel that our ancestors were smarter than passing on this crapy myths. It is just that their knowledge and the correct logic was lost with repeated invasions in the country.

  • Neha Sharma

    I would always get irritated if someone said something related to superstitions because I never believed in them. And even I tried researching the reasons why these started in the first place. There’s a reason behind every superstition which was relevant to the time when it started.

    • Neha Jain

      There are so many superstition that we have been following in our family from ages but at times I was like why we need to follow so knowing reason is really important.

  • Roma

    I have heard all of these Anu and I loved your concluding remarks the most there is no harm at all in being a little wary

  • Varsh

    What we call superstitions usually, not always, have some reason behind them. That’s what I feel. People scare easily and will accept anything but scientific arguments won’t hold with them. Good post!

  • Tina Basu

    Mos f these are superstitions or was okay to believe some 100 years ago. To follow that even now is too much. Like my mom asks me not to cut nails after sunset!! please I don’t follow these.

  • Jenifer

    In our Gurbaani, 13th number is associated with Good luck because our Gurus taught us that nothing is unlucky, it is our perspective to see things.

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