zero waste travel essentials
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Z- Zero Waste Travel Essentials – Ultimate Guide #A2ZChallenge

Zero Waste Travel Essentials

We all love to travel, but do we travel with responsibility and awareness? Holidays are for fun but not waste. Need to spread awareness of zero waste travel essentials that reduce the carbon footprint on Nature. Yes, you should take the initiative! It’s hard to be a zero waste traveler but we can start by being conscious and reduce waste. We can first stop the use of disposable goods. Let’s learn more about Zero Waste Travel Essentials.

Zero Waste travel essentials

Start from the beginning 

Plan ahead, that keeps you in a happy mood too. Instead of printing your plane ticket, you should get a PDF of your ticket on your cell phone. Flights aren’t the only modes of transportation that accept e-tickets: Most buses, trains, and metro lines accept downloaded tickets purchased from either the app or online. With that simple step, you’re already off to a good start towards zero waste travel.

5 R's of travel

1. Use the 5 R’s: during travel

Refuse, reduce, reuse, rot, and recycle during travel. We need to refuse plastic and disposable items offered to us during travel. Use zero waste travel essentials like reusable bottles, cloth napkins instead of paper tissues and cloth bags instead of plastic while you travel. This is a great step towards combating climate change of places we travel to.

  • Refuse what you do not need.
  • Reduce what you do need.
  • Reuse by using reusables.
  • Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse.
  • Rot (compost) the rest.
Zero Waste travel essentials
Use reusable cups instead of plastic wherever possible
2. Reduce the amount of trash

Pack a few important and useful things like reusable napkins and bags. Use a reusable napkin to wrap up eatables and snacks rather than reaching for a plastic bag. We need to carry a reusable sturdy bottle and avoid buying bottled water. Its a shame to see the highways been strewn with plastic bottles. We should ensure one thing, that as travelers we aren’t leaving plastic waste behind for the animals and locals to clean up.

Empress Garden Pune

3. Protect the Flora/Fauna

We must refrain to buy items or accessories manufactured with leathers, furs and animals’ parts. Never ever eat the meat of endangered animals, even if it’s considered a local delicacy. Appreciate the Natural surroundings and don’t litter with human waste.

dolls of Armenia

4. While Shopping

While shopping for items, we should try to locally make handicrafts from the people who make them in order to directly support the economy. Opt for handicrafts instead of factory-made products. I never bargain for Rs 10, it will not make a big difference to our pockets but will be a great deal of money for the person selling it.

zero waste travel essentials

5. Don’t Take Lavish Baths

We can take shorter baths when on holidays. Don’t let the water run while shaving or washing your face. In fact, I always check with hotel staff on the water status of that city/place. We should avoid washing clothes while traveling to reduce the consumption of water.

Eco friendly shopping bags

6.Pack your reusable shopping bags

I always pack a small strong foldable bag in my purse. While shopping I use this instead of the plastic bags the shopkeepers offer. Plastic shopping bags aren’t recyclable, so they’re the last thing you want to pick up if you’re striving for zero waste on your travel excursion. Those cute colourful reusable shopping bags can fold up very small and you’ll barely notice the space they take up in your luggage.

zero waste travel essentials
Zero Waste Travel essentials
7. Pack your own toiletries

Hotels always have those cute little, waste-generating toiletries out on display. It can be tempting to save space in your luggage and use the hotel’s toiletries, but go ahead and resist that temptation. One can purchase silicone bottles to pack your own shampoo and conditioner in, and you can buy a stainless steel box to carry your bar of soap. Another perk of bringing your own toiletries? The guarantee of knowing you can continue using your eco-friendly products compared to the unknown alternatives available on the road.

Local Cuisine Thali

8. While choosing a restaurant on a travel trip

Talk to locals to enjoy the best cuisine and dishes of the region. I always talk to the taxi drivers to gt first-hand information. TripAdvisor is another good portal to find out more on local restaurants that serve hygienic food. However, you should avoid going to restaurants and  using cafes that use these

  • ketchup and sugar in sachets
  • Plastic straws and cutlery
  • Single use cups

Planning ahead and wisely can really make these sustainable travel habits possible.  With these Zero Waste Travel essentials and simple ideas to help you reduce waste on your next trip.Create  Lost Travel Receipt on your next trip.


This was my Blog post for letter Z – Zero Waste Travel Essentials #BlogChatterA2Z for the A to Z Blogchatter Challenge. Here is Letter Y  – Youthful Yerevan


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