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ZEE5 Kids Presents the Best of Indian Mythology

ZEE5 Kids Best of Indian Mythology

Ever since the announcement of lockdown, we have been relying on TV and live to a stream of new serials and shows. Sometimes, we binge-watch shows and our kids watch along with us. Not being able to step out of the house is making kids very restless and as parents, we need to support and guide them to spend their time effectively and constructively. This has motivated families to opt for fun viewing across all ages. 

ZEE5 Kids Best of Indian Mythology
Image source- ZEE5 Kids

ZEE5 Introduces Kids Section

Introducing ZEE5 Kids which offers kids the best content with over 4000 hours of viewing across genres. There are multiple categories of kid-friendly shows available on ZEE5 Kids.  From top animated shows, shows with action and adventure to drama, comedy, mythology, inspiration, superhero, fantasy and DIY. The viewers can avail across multiple languages- Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam and Bhojpuri. And above all ZEE5 Kids tagline: Nonstop BachFun; symbolizes the spirit of fun with engrossing viewing for kids. Thus, empowering children with valuable viewing along with spending quality time with their family.

Top four Interesting Mythological Movies on ZEE5 Kids

And there is no better time than this to introduce the magical and mythological tales that our ancestors were so proud of, to our children. Watching animated mythological films is a good way to help children get to know more about our customs, traditions, past and relevant historical stories. This will definitely make children understand the values of family bonding, good morals and what our Indian culture presents. These mythological movies will not only educate our kids but will also keep them thoroughly entertained. 

ZEE5 Kids Best of Indian Mythology
Image source- ZEE5 Kids

1. Bal Hanuman

 Bal Hanuman, the 2007 animated mythological film is based on the adventures of young Hanuman. Lord Hanuman was a strong, intelligent, obedient Monkey God with supreme powers. He always used his superpowers for the right things, to resolve problems and troubles. His loyalty towards Lord Ram enables him to rescue Sita from the wicked Ravana. This movie Bal Hanuman is fast-paced, with great background score, easy to understand and can be enjoyed by the entire family. Itteaches children all about the intelligence and powers which Bal Hanuman was bestowed with. Children get to realize that Bal Hanuman is certainly much more than just a Monkey God who lifted a mountain on his finger.

2. Krishna Balram- Kalvakra

Kids will definitely enjoy the animated story of two brothers  Krishna and Balram. They will relate to the naughty Krishna and his elder brother Balram. The entire plot and the adventures of this duo are based in Vrindavan. How their combined efforts defeat Kaalvakra, an invincible Asura. The fun adventures and the action drama of the brothers with many more beautiful Krishna folklores makes it an interesting watch. It is a sincere way to teach kids about brotherhood, values and respect for a sibling.

3. Mahabharat

The Mahabharat is depicted in a child-friendly way for kids to get engrossed and stay glued until the end. An animated mythological drama is full of action with an authentic storyline. This makes Mahabharta a must-watch mythological movie.  This movie has voice over rendered by Bollywood stalwarts Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn, Vidya Balan, Sunny Deol, Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff and Manoj Bajpayee as they play the main characters in the movie. The story of Pandavas, Kauravas, and Lord Krishna makes this film an interesting watch where truth ultimately prevails over evil. 

Image source- ZEE5 Kids

4. Ramayana

This 2010 movie directed by Chetan Desai is a devotional animated story depicting the epic Ramayana. It starts with the Son of King Dashratha, Lord Ram being exiled into the forest. His brother Laxmana and wife Sita accompany him to the forest. However, Sita Devi is kidnapped by the evil Ravana and the story takes a turn from this point. The movie brings forth the importance of family bonding and unity to face all kinds of difficulties and hardships. The entire movie flows beautifully, aesthetically, and is splendid to watch. Ramayana is top on my list amongst ZEE5 Kids Best of Indian Mythology.

My final thoughts

Being a preschool teacher I realize the importance of the teachings from our heritage. Parents would struggle to imbibe good values, morals, and compassion in children. I would strongly recommend these ZEE5 Kids Best of Indian Mythology.  It will not only enable a healthy environment for kids and parents at home during lockdown but also bring forth the spirit of family bonding.

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  • Alpana Deo

    Anahita, can’t agree more on instilling the cultural values in our kids. Mythological stories in animated form are the best way to develope the interest among kids.

  • Smitha N

    Wow this is learning with watching wonderful shows on zee5 definitely my daughter will love it as she loves such movie definitely will show her these all… Thank you for sharing the review…

  • Varsh

    Animated movies are a great way to introduce kids to mythology and it’s characters. Great to see ZEE5 catering to kids too now after impressing us with some great series.

  • Neha Sharma

    We have been keeping a watch on our screen time & we have a set time for our son to watch tv. Thanks for sharing about Zee5 Kids, I will check out the shows which my son would enjoy.

  • Dr Bushra

    My favourite from the list is Krishna balram. that sounds like a savior in the current lockdown period. Kids would get entertainment as well learning at the same time via Zee5 kids

  • Roma

    I am so happy to know about ZEE5 kids and these shoes on it, they will be ideal for the kids during the summer vacations

  • Ishieta

    I know these are kids shows, but to be honest I love and enjoy animated movies and series to this day.
    This line up of mythological shows look interesting and good entertainment for the kids.
    We have to be so careful of the shows we are exposing the kids to online these days!

  • Amrit Kaur

    My nephew has been loving these mythological series on Zee5 platform. He is glued to them most of the time. Even i like watching them now for a change from movies n series.

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