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Y – Youthful Yogurt and its benefits

Discover good health and youthfulness in every spoonful of fresh, creamy yogurt. No better delicious joy than giving yogurt a try. This wonder dairy product is high in proteins, calcium, vitamins and live culture or probiotics. Probiotics enhances the gut microbiota. Yogurt even offers protection for bones & teeth and helps prevent digestive problems.

1. Why yogurt/curd is important?

Curd or Yogurt is a must in every Indian household, especially in summer season. Infact, curd and sugar is the perfect solution and remedy to keep the heat stroke away. Curd is an important food item that contains a specific number of beneficial bacteria hence it is called a probiotic. Plenty of dishes can be made with yogurt. For starters we can make buttermilk, lassi, raita, curd-rice, dahi curry, shrikhand etc. Indian food preparations also require curd as an ingredient for many gravies and sweet dishes. Curd also is a good beauty aid for home remedial skin problems.

Yogurt and its benefits

1. It’s satisfying

Yogurt, when paired with a rice or food item, enhances the taste and makes it so fulfilling to savour. The acidity and tanginess of yogurt make it interesting on the palate. Infact, if you are extremely hungry and need to eat something fast, then you should go for a bowl of yogurt.

2. Good for bone health

Yogurt contains a good amount of calcium that our body requires. Research has proven that plain yogurt is most essential for bone health. The high quality protein in yogurt is best for bones as well as muscle strength.

3. Yogurt helps you lose weight

Yogurt contains a good percentage of calcium that prevents cortisol formation in the body. Irregularity of this cortisol leads to many lifestyle-related ailments like obesity and hypertension. Studies have proven that consuming 18 ounces of curd daily helps to reduce belly fat. The calcium in curd gets a lesser amount of cortisol to release thus helps to weight loss.

4. Curd for healthy heart

Our health deteriorates due to faulty lifestyle and unhealthy dietary patterns. We hear of cases with heart attacks and coronary heart diseases so often nowadays. By consuming curd and including it in your daily diet, can help you maintain good heart health. Yogurt prevents the formation of cholesterol in the arteries and even regulates blood pressure.

Yogurt and its benefits

5. Yogurt enhances beauty

And yogurt not only has benefits when consumed, it is also an effective home remedy for beauty and skin issues. The presence of important minerals like Zinc, Vitamin E, and Phosphorous in curd is the main reason why it is used as an effective home remedy application for glowing skin.
A simple curd facial pack can be used for both dry and oily skin.

For dry skin- Curd, Honey, and some lime Juice.
Make a pack with 2 tbsp curd, 1 tbsp honey, and juice of half a lime. Make a smooth paste and apply it to the entire face. Keep for 15 minutes, wash after it dries.
For oily skin – curd and gram flour (besan)
This pack is what every Indian woman can vouch for. Just mix some curd and besan until you get a smooth paste. Its soothing effect is incomparable. Let the pack dry and harden on your face. Wash it off after it dries.

Yogurt and its benefits

6. Yogurt is good for your gut

Yogurt is rich in probiotics, it helps support your immune system. It also improves digestive health by maintaining levels of ‘good bacteria’ in the intestines. This good bacteria aids to further break down the lactose and improve irritable bowel disorder syndrome.

Sharing some of my delicious Yogurt Recipes
If you are craving something sweet and low-cal then this dessert is a good option. – Easy Hung Curd Dessert

The second recipe is of a spicy vegetarian kebab made with hung curd – Dahi Ke Kebab -Restaurant Style

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