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X – eXcel in the eXams of Life

How to excel in life?

 If you want to excel in the exams of life and make it extra large then there are certain principles and philosophies which you need to imbibe.  You have to see through the realities and facts of life which are like an x-ray of your inner being. Life throws questions at you, no matter at what age and stage you are in your life.  Some of these questions might get a right or a wrong answer. To pass through with flying colors in order to excel in the exams of life follow the H philosophies:

how to excel in life

1. Harmony

We need to create harmony in our relationships and with the environment. No matter what comes our way, sometimes there is nothing more that we can do. Fighting the situation leads to an agitated mind and interpersonal frictions. But acceptance of the reality will create that balance leading to harmony.

2. Happiness

Happiness is hard to measure and difficult to define. However, it is the main reason behind a man’s existence. Who doesn’t want to be happy every moment and every passing day? Happiness comes in unique moments and small ways every day. We need to look out for it and consciously make an attempt to be happy.

how to excel in life

3. Hard work

Without hard work, nothing will be achieved. You need to have a direction and move towards your career goals but only hard work, commitment, and dedication will take you there. There is no substitute for hard work.

4. Humility

Truly, humble people are able to show kindness and compassion towards the opposite person. It is a combination of showing gratitude, being gentle, and being helpful. The perfect example of one such person is Mother Theresa.  Humility comes from within and it is self-taught.

how to excel in life

 5. Home

Do all work with honesty, this was the first lesson I learned from my Dad. Yes, Honesty does lead all of us to a fulfilling, tension-free life. Honestly, honesty is not just about telling the truth. It’s about being real with yourself and people you deal with.  Honesty sharpens our perception and allows us to observe everything around us with clarity.

6. Honesty 

We often forget to take time to show love and concern for the place we live in, our abode – Our Home sweet Home. Our homes fulfill our physical needs of providing security and shelter. And also emotional and psychological needs by providing us a sense of personal space and privacy. Our physical and emotional well being is symbolized by a home and not a house.

how to excel in life

7. Heritage

Our heritage is deep-rooted; it is the mere DNA of our existence. One should never forget that. Heritage portrays our history, lineage, and traditions that allow each one of us to develop and grow as an individual. It is the basic foundation of our existence that shows us how to excel in life.

8. Honor

Honoring yourself and others should be a general practice. To live your life with honor is to honor and respect the people in your life. Honor means you are worthy of trust and respect. You need to build on this virtue which is within you.

9. Humanitarian

Often we hear the phrase ‘On Humanitarian Grounds’ So what does that mean. Especially in our present situation where we are in a lockdown, the people who depend on us like office staff, drivers or domestic help. We need to demonstrate tolerance and kindness towards them by giving and helping them. Salaries should not be cut. We need to focus on what the community can gain in order to be a capable Humanitarian.

10. Highs and lows of life

You must stand beside yourself, 100%, every day in all the highs and lows that life has to offer. All days are not going to be the same, some will bring happiness, while others sadness. The highs and lows of life are like a seesaw, which you need to balance perfectly for a stable life.

11. Hope

Hope is the answer to many questions that life throws at us. We get the will power from hope that keeps us going in order to achieve our goals. Hope is a feel-good emotion; it makes you a more resilient and better learner of the rules of life.

how to excel in life

12. Humour

Humour is a very important aspect, as humour is the best way to lighten up a stressful situation. We must be able to laugh at ourselves instead of taking everything too seriously. Humour is the best medicine during troubled times in our lives.

And if I want to succeed and achieve 100% results in the exams that life throws at me then I must have:

My Head clearly thinking
My Hands loyalty serving  

My Health for better living
My Heart full of love and giving

And this is my post for letter W – Workout tips that work.

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  • Mayuri Nidigallu

    X is one of the most difficult alphabets to write on and you have managed to write such a brilliant post on it! Glad you mentioned Heritage, as that is one thing the younger generation seems to be ignoring , even as they ape other things.

  • Dr Bushra

    No doubt hope is answer to many questions that we come across. These different forms of H is giving to live life Mindfully and become a better human being

  • Varsh

    I loved this post. You’ve brought out important points that we need to keep in mind for a happy and fulfilled life. Lovely lines in the end.

  • Judy Morris

    I can’t agree more with you on this. These are some great testing times. The testing times are great teachers also. Harmony with nature is so important indeed and so is focussing on home and family.

  • Smitha N

    We all know writing on X is such a difficult task must tell you have nailed it.. WONDERFUL write up… Must tell you have made it nice write up…

  • Jenifer

    For me having hope and being positive are two most important things to pass the exam of life with hardwork in every phase. Other pointers also are necessary as they too are part of our life.

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