Special Wine & Dine with MasterChef Brent Owens

Meeting Masterchef Brent Owens

Master Chef Australia plays a very important part in my life, sitting with the remote hidden under the sofa so no one changes the channel, I am following it since season one. The MasterChef -Season 6 was very interesting and I was elated when favourite Brent Owens won the title. Can you imagine my excitement when I won a Twitter contest hosted by Grand Hyatt? It was indeed a dream come true to dine with Brent Owens at the Cellini, Grand Hyatt with FBAI and a bunch of fellow food bloggers. We all dined with the one and only Masterchef Brent Owens who had curated a special menu for us all.

Masterchef Brent Owens
In conversation with all the bloggers

About MasterChef Brent Owens

Since the age of 16, Brent has been into cooking. He has paid keen interest to his favourite celebrity chefs over the years and found his own style through experimentation. An everyday home cook who won the hearts of millions in the sixth season of with his unassuming and down-to-earth approach to cooking and life. Masterchef Brent Owens is an Australian reality television cook. He is the winner of the sixth series of MasterChef Australia.


Masterchef Brent Owens
We named him #ThekissingChef


Masrechef Brent Owens
Total entertainer- Bollywood style


Masterchef Brent Owens was Magical

We spent the evening chatting with him about his Masterchef journey and how he felt on getting the Masterchef Title. He was witty in his answers, kept us all engaged in conversation and answered all our questions patiently. When asked about his recent trip to India, he enlightened us about the dishes he tried so far, Pav Bhaji, Dahi puri,  Vada Pac, proving that he loved our street food.  Brent has been fascinated with Kulfi Faloodah. Quite a charmer, he was fun and quirky, and quite a Ladies Man. Selfies, kisses and more… that was the flow of the evening along with wine and the amazingly well-planned menu.

Our 4 Course Meal for the evening

We started the evening with some Sparkling wine.


brent 7


Promptly arrived the Lobster and asparagus garden with parsley pesto potato. This dish was brilliantly executed. A visual and delectable treat. So light on the palate and I enjoyed the pesto potato the most.

brent 5
Yummilious Pretty Pink Lobster


The soup was the next to arrive at the time we were totally in deep conversation with the Chef. It was a Cold saur topinambur, leek cream with smoked salmon and caviar. The flavours were bang on. The caviar poppers were amusing and smoked salmon was a heavenly treat. This was the best dish of the evening.

brent 12
My personal best dish


Taa Daa !! Time for the Main course. It was a Bread crust lamb rack with ginger balsamic reduction and berry relish. The reduction was a bit sweet not to my liking, I wanted some spice and distinct ginger flavour. Really not too exciting but loved the colours in the dish and the way it was plated. Totally Masterchef style.

brent 1
Colourful and perfectly cooked


We ordered the beetroot and port wine Risotto with crispy Parmesan flake ( Veg Main course).   I loved the Parmesan crisp and thoroughly enjoyed the Risotto.

brent 3
Flavoursome Risotto

The wine kept flowing throughout the evening and a special mention to the server who kept a keen eye on our empty glasses and kept filling them up with the best French wines.

I loved the white wine


With practically no stomach space left, I still attempted to try the Trilogy of desserts.
In order of ranking, I will give the
Milk chocolate Mousse  with oats crumble – first place
Olive oil ice cream – second runner up &
Moist Chocolate cake – third place.
I found it a bit dry for my liking.

brent 4
Drool-worthy Trilogy of desserts


This special dinner with  Brent Owens and the FBAI food bloggers has been by far the most enjoyable and memorable one of my life. I am still floating on cloud 999 and never want to come down.

Masterchef Brent Owens
Pictures are my treasure

Need to thank my daughter Zenia Irani who blogs at who introduced me to the wonderful world of Twitter and blogging, the rest is history.
Thank you FBAI and Grand Hyatt Mumbai for this awesome opportunity.

Like I believe “time is precious” and its never coming back, so live in the moment. Click a lot of pictures so that we can always cherish and remember those precious moments.

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