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Best Ways to Energize Your Home #BlogChatterA2Z

Energize your Home!!

How does your home feel? Is it a haven of peace and tranquility when you return from work? Or do you prefer to stay outdoors as going home always gets you in a bad mood?

Well, this is all due to the energies that occupy our homes. We can alter a few things in our homes that will usher in good energies and get rid of old bad vibes.

Marie Kondo’s groundbreaking book, The Life-Changing Art Of Tidying Up, suggests you shouldn’t live with anything that doesn’t spark joy when touched. These are a few tips I can think of that have helped me, so check out the Best Ways to Energize Your Home.

Energize your Home

1. Go Green

You can start by trying out this easy step.  Get negative energy out of your home by placing a few indoor potted green plants. They make the place pretty and bring in living energies. Try the lucky bamboo plant that needs very little maintenance and less sunlight. Even a money plant in the house is said to bring happiness and good luck.  

Energize your Home

2. Make your own bed

It’s something we should all do. Not only does it bring positive energy in the house, but it also lowers your stress levels and improves your mood.

3. Declutter and give away

De-clutter your home of anything undesirable or not being used for a long time. This is actually the best way to is pull in positive energy at home is keeping the house tidy and in order. An Unclean disorganized home where everything is scattered and in chaos will definitely attract negative energy.

4. Clear the air

Each morning I open the windows and let the fresh air inside. This lets out the stale energies and allows fresh positive energies along with sunlight inside.  The morning sun rays (especially early in the morning) and the wind are few things that can energize your home. There are a fresh feeling and an instant spike of good energy in the house.

Energize your Home

3. Add color

Each color is special and exuberates different energy to space. Yellow color adds radiance, greens add aspects of growth and flexibility while reds are the color of prosperity

4. Banish bad memories

Always check your photo albums for photos that are not clicked properly. Tear up faded photos and photos that have mad memories attached to them.

5. Put up some art

If you enjoy art then your home should reflect your spirit.  Art gives you a sense of connection while adding a positive vibe to the space to energize your Home.

6. Play soothing music

Listening to soothing music relaxes your body and elevates your mind that can significantly reduce the stress you feel at home. Relaxation music helps you connect to your inner peace and brings in positive energy in the house. Play soothing music that you enjoy once a day and let the home fill up with a positive vibe.

7. Pest Control for Cockroaches

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and a dirty house can never attract good energies. So even if you have to get pest control done to clear out the cockroach nuisance in your kitchen, take it up as the most important thing to be done.

8. Keep your entrance free of any blockages

The Vastu principle suggests the main house door to open inside without any obstruction. This is from where the main positive energies hence it should not have any obstacles or blockages there. If a door opens outwards, it pushes energy away from home

Few other simple tips that can help

  • Always keep the bathroom door shut. And check that the toilet lid down, when not in use. Ensure that there are no leaky faucets at home.
  • Do not keep medicines in the kitchen.
  • For a pleasant positive effect at home, light a diya, camphor or add soothing fragrance like sandalwood
  • Avoid keeping trash at the door of your house.
  • Throw away chipped crockery and broken cutlery.
  • Windchimes attract positive energies through sound and wind.

Your main goal should be to attract good energy and reject the bad. Everything around you is energy. That’s a very abstract statement, I know. When you’re really feeling stuck or challenged in life, the idea of “changing your energy” can seem possible with a positive outlook. How do you energize your home?

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