Vodafone Diwali Delights

Vodafone Diwali Offer

I know for a fact that Diwali is the most important festival in India. We all await this festival, isn’t it? and is celebrated with extreme grandeur in every part. Traditionally, however, different regions have diverse ways to celebrate this festival of lights. Let’s Celebrate Vodafone Diwali offer together. 


Vodafone Diwali offer
Diwali preparations are hard work!!


Diwali Preps at Home

The preparations for the festival begin with  Ghar-ki-Safai. There is a ritual in my home too, each one cleans up their own cupboards, desks, drawers to declutter and give away things that haven’t been used for long. Walls and floors are wiped and scrubbed clean. I was in the midst of my Diwali cleaning when I get a call from my sister in law who resides in London.

She usually visits us during December when the climate is much cooler. However this time she had a different plan, she had booked her tickets to come during Diwali. Wanting to visit Lord Rama’s home Ayoydha during Diwali to witness the elaborate celebrations on the banks of the river Ganges and to participate in the grand Aarti that takes place during this festive period. I could only shut my eyes and imagine how thousands of lamps light up the holy river but got back to my Diwali safai.

Vodafone Diwali offer

Her trip was planned in such short notice that my sister in law forgot to activate her international roaming pack. This only added to my problem but I knew there will be away.  Atithi Devo Bhava, I always believed in this mantra and decided to help her out.

Vodafone Diwali offer

The Next Day

The next day I was out to the market for some last-minute shopping. On my routine visit to the Vodafone store to pay my bill, I noticed the Vodafone store was highly decorated. I remembered about her international pack and entered looking for a solution. Anyway, I was there to try my luck. At the store, I was given quick service. In no time my query was addressed and was advised rightly. They had Diwali offers on, where fortuitously I bought their international roaming plan, which could be activated in less than 30 mins. I was delighted; I now had a solution to my sister in law’s inconvenience. They also had an option of customized offers. We got a good pleasant surprise this Diwali,  problem solved with the equal sweetness of chocolates. Such a Dhamakedaar Deal Vodafone Diwali Delights.

They no doubt were celebrating Diwali in the truest sense, for this festival is all about giving and making others happy. That was such a sweet gesture.  Kudos Vodafone!! You are truly giving your customers the best services. Thank you once again. Vodafone Diwali offer

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