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Visit Japan in 2020 – Cherry Blossom Festival

2020, Visit the land of the Rising Sun -Beautiful Japan Cherry Blossom Festival 

We would think that a country like Japan, rich in both traditional culture and technical innovation,  would be the most thrilling place to visit in spring. But when I googled for some information, I was surprised to find out that Japan is not such a popular destination for people traveling abroad. I wonder why? Considering this country has plenty to offer the offbeat traveler. Japan is rich in culture yet has progressed immensely in the field of science and technology. And the best time to visit would be during the Japan Cherry Blossom Festival from March-May.

Tokyo tower
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My memories of Tokyo

I have been to Tokyo as a child with my family during the time when my father worked in the Shipping line. Still remember the tall Tokyo tower, clicking a few photos on an old camera. I even recollect walking down busy streets, eating some sort of round meatballs of a stick and sitting on a rocking toy duckie in an amusement park. But now I learn Japan is more enchanting and intriguing.

Here are some interesting facts on Japan

1. Did you know that Japanese is not the official language of the country however  Japanese is spoken by the majority of the population very fluently?


Japan Cherry Blossom Festival

2. Japan has the world’s lowest Crime rate. Bicycles, mobiles, bags are safe in streets, hotels or even local metros. Nothing ever gets stolen in Japan.

Japan aerial view

3. There are over 6800 islands in Japan and 430 islands are inhabited with people. The others are so tiny and are not in livable conditions.

Japan Cherry Blossom Festival

4. Japan is the land of earthquakes. The country has over 200 volcanoes Mild tremors are common and felt very often. There are more than 1500 earthquakes a year. You may experience one too, on your next holiday.

People of Japan

5. There are more seniors than kids in this country. The oldest living human being is 117 and keeping well.

Japanese vending machines
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More Interesting Facts

6. Japan has the most number of vending machines in the world. In fact over 5.52 million. They offer almost anything from ice-cream, lingerie, to comic books. Some really bizarre vending machines sell fish bait, live crabs and even sex toys

7. The literacy rate is almost 100%. Education and family values are given the utmost importance.

Sumo wrestling

8. Baseball and Sumo wrestling are the two major sports played. This sport is thoroughly enjoyed in this country.

Japan Doll Day
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9. March 3rd is known as the Dolls festival holiday in Japan. Hinamatsuri ( Dolls Day)  is a day dedicated to girls and their families’ hopes for a bright and happy future. Most families with daughters adorn their homes with usually five to seven-tiered platforms of hina dolls.

Horse meat
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10. Eating horse meat has been practiced by the Japanese for decades now. I know you will be shocked by reading this however eating raw and cold horse meat ( basashi ) is a delicacy that is served in top restaurants in the country.

Square watermelons

11. Square watermelons are grown in Japan and they can be easily stacked and stocked.

Worlds oldest hotel
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12. Japan holds the record for the world’s oldest hotel, Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Yamanashi. Built-in 705 AD. More than 50 generations of the same family have been operating the hotel for over 1300 years.

Cherry blossom trees

13. Japan, a tiny island country that enjoys beautiful seasons. It has something spectacular in store for everyone.  Cherry Blossoms in spring, stunning falling leaves in autumn and snow and ice in winter.

Japan Cherry Blossom Festival

The Japan Cherry Blossom Festival

What is this festival?

Once a year the Japanese celebrate the bounty of Nature. The spring festival of Cherry Blossom is the best one can experience. The Japanese call it “Hana – mi” which literally translates to “viewing of cherry blossoms”; the cherry flowers referred to as “Sakura” in Japanese. It is becoming more and more popular among locals and tourists worldwide. Locals and tourists stroll under this beautifully blossomed Cherry Blossom trees enjoying the natural beauty and taking the best pictures of their life. Here are the best spots for viewing Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

Japan Cherry Blossom Festival
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When is the season? 

The blooming of trees usually happens in March or April. This year 2019, at the Japan Cherry Blossom Festival, they are already seen in full bloom.  The captivating charm of these sweet fragrant Sukuras is beyond compare.

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Japan Cherry Blossom Festival
Japan Cherry Blossom Festival

Plan a trip 

You can still plan for this year, It’s not too late. This year the blooming Sakura will start in March in Kyushu and bloom through till around May in Hokkaido. The Cherry Blossom blooming looks grandest at the Daigo-Ji Temple in Kyoto. With over 700 cherry trees spanning the 660 hectares complex, it’s a favourite spot during hanami with the majestic Daigo-Ji Temple serving as a backdrop.


Take a day trip a Day Trip to Himeji Castle from Osaka or Kyoto

Many popular travel companies are providing total packages and visa assistance, so why wait till 2020. Start making your travel plans today.

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Japan Cherry Blossom Festival

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