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F – Fantastic Finland #A2ZChallenge

Let’s learn more about Fantastic Finland in this post today. Finland is better known as the Land of a thousand lakes. It is a European Nation bordering Sweden, Norway, and Russia. Being dreaming of taking a solo trip to the capital Helsinki, then head to Lapland, Finland’s northernmost region, to see the northern lights which are visible nearly all year round. Now dreaming about sleeping in ice rooms, getting drawn by husky sleighs across snowy plains.

How to get to Finland

To visit Finland as a tourist a visitor needs a short term visa. The short term visa is a permit to enter Finland and enjoy temporary residence for a period that does not exceed 90 days. A major political and commercial center, Helsinki is the largest city in the country. You can fly with Finnair, which has direct flights to Helsinki from Delhi thrice a week. The flight takes approx 7 and half hours. The other airlines that operate in this sector are Air France, Air India, Aeroflot Russian, and Lufthansa.

Here are the top TEN reasons why you must plan your next trip to fantastic Finland!

1. It’s the World’s Happiest Country

Finland has also been top ranked among the countries with the highest quality of life by the Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index and among the most peaceful countries in the world by the Global Peace Index.

Santa Claus in Lapland

2. Santa Claus’s Home Town
You can meet him and make a personal wish! The northernmost region in Finland is believed to be Santa Claus’ original home, in the mysterious Korvatunturi in Lapland. The Rovaniemi Village gives an authentic Christmas look and experience to all those who visit. You can go to his house and meet him in person. Can you imagine the thrill of meeting and giving him a warm tight hug.
Northern lights in Winters Finland
Photo Credit- Lonely Planet
3. To witness the Northern Lights in Winters.
Finland is home to the most spectacular light Show by Nature in the sky, the Aurora Borealis. People visit to especially see this. You can see the Northern Lights on roughly 200 nights a year. Watching those blazing colours in the sky is a once in a lifetime experience.
Photo Credit- Visit Finland
4. Indigenous Sami People
When in Lapland, share a meet and greet with the Sami people. The only indigenous people of the European Union, Sami people live in the northern part of Finland too. Their unique cultural practices, lifestyle, and humble nature have made them one of the most loved communities world over.
Sauna In Finland
Photo Credit- Lonely Planet
5. Experiences a Relaxing Sauna!
The Finns are the proud inventors of the Sauna. The country together has more than 3 million Saunas.  The Sauna is the most essential part of their lifestyle, it’s like a place for relaxation, to unwind and also meditate. Experiencing the traditional  Sauna in Finland is the best Finnis experiencing you can get.
Fantastic Finland
6. Meet the dear Reindeer
You can visit a Reindeer Farm in Finland to mingle and feed them. The number of reindeers in Lapland roughly equals to the number of inhabitants. You can even jump on a sleigh and ride a reindeer-drawn Sleigh like Santa Claus.
Fantastic Finland
Photo Credit- Visit
7. Enjoy Outdoor Activities
Finland is having 187, 888 lakes in its borders. This is the country with the most amount of lakes anywhere in the world. There are plenty of places to explore “The Great Outdoors”, with all types of sports and boating activities. In winters you can enjoy skiing, snowmobile, snow shoeing, kayaking and much much more.
Never ending daylight Finland
Photo Credit- India Today
8.Experience The Never-Ending Daylight
In Fantastic Finland, during the summertime, the sun can be in the sky for a twenty-four hour period. This is a unique natural phenomenon that must be enjoyed at least once in your life.
glass igloos
9. Stay in a Glass Igloo
Staying in a glass Igloo is out of this world. Imagine witnessing the Northern Lights from your warm bed with snow all around. The roofs of the igloos are made of thermal glass, this allows the room to remain warm without obstructing the view of the sky.
Photo Credit –
10. Try Finnish Food

Finns celebrate with their food, there are some amazing traditional dishes in Finland you all must try. Reindeer meat is a local delicacy here. The Sámi signature dish of lightly-smoked reindeer meat is called Souvas and is traditionally smoked over the fire.

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My post F- Fantastic Finland is a part of the Blogchatter A-Z Challenge. Here is my post for letter E – Enchanted Egypt


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