Deolali Tourism

Deolali Tourism – to explore Bahadurji Sanatorium and Pandavleni Caves.

Deolali Tourism – to explore Bahadurji Sanatorium and Pandavleni Caves and more

Hello friends, Hope you guys are not bored with my travel posts? So even if the answer is yes, I am still going ahead to write another travel log to tell you more about Deolali Tourism spots. Promise this one is an interesting read.

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It seems like a trend to visit Deolali once a year with my aunts and sister. Two days seem to be less when on a holiday, but if you plan it right you can enjoy to the fullest. We just love the cool air, good food and spending time with each other. Big foodies too, we plan our dinner menu two days prior to the breakfast table. Never a dull moment with these lovely ladies, they are game for dance, ramp walks, themes and any sort of impromptu contests.

Trip to Deolali

The prize?

A Smiley Badge?
And a handwritten certificate?
And the winner, Undoubtedly my most enterprising Aunt Zarin Potia.?

My Aunt Zarin Potia
She was Pink for head to toe
What Deolali Tourism Has to Offer

Honestly speaking we all didn’t sleep a wink that night, too much excitement to start the journey. Wearing shocking pink caught the attention of all office goers early morning on Dadar Station, Mumbai.

Pretty in Pink was the theme of the day. Boarded the Manmad Express, settled in and soon polished off coffee, cutlets and cream cakes in no time.

Dhansak and Kababs

Dhansak and Kababs
Delicious Dhansak and Kababs from RATIZ Kitchen

Surprisingly we were the only occupants of the Netarwalla Sanatorium this time around. Rested after a scrumptious finger-licking meal of chicken Dhansaak, rice, roti, and kababs we all settled in for a short afternoon siesta. Time was too precious, just didn’t want to waste it by sleeping.

Deolali Tourism

The Bahadurji Sanatorium

Just opposite the Netarwalla Sanitorium and Agyari compound is the Dr.K.N. Bahadurji Memorial Sanatorium. The  Sanatorium was inaugurated on 15th August 1902  and is specifically for the Parsi/Irani community. It is spread over 12.5 acres of land, such a picturesque and sprawling property, once I enter I feel like Alice in Wonderland. A unique place to be one with Nature, no entrance fee or crowd here. Top Deolali Tourism attraction.

A candid picture of Sis Farzeen

Can you imagine how lush green the gardens and area would be in the Monsoon season? There are 42 neatly maintained Victorian Style Cottages. 32 of these cottages are given out on Leave and License basis, each occupant has to maintain their own gardens.

10 cottages have been kept for those, who would like to visit Deolali and enjoy their stay in a relaxed and stress-free environment.

Deolali Tourism

Our mandatory long walk in Bhadhur Ji  Sanatorium property followed after tea in the evening. Listening to the birds nesting in the trees, trampling on dead leaves, some “ME” time spent among the pretty flowers and trees. So distressing and calming. Isn’t it?

Sunkissed Selfie of Hum Paanch

The Bhadhurji Sanatorium

Day 2 of Visit Deolali

The second day we always book a car and visit nearby places of interest. This time we wished to visit the Pandulena caves and also the Sula vineyard.

The Pandavleni Caves

The Pandavleni caves also known as  Pandulena/ Pandav caves is a must visit while in Nashik. This place is on Mumbai Agra Highway, about 9 km away. The caves date back to the 1st century BCE by inscriptions and texts. Its a long walk to the top of a hill to reach the twenty-four caves.

Pandulena Caves Nashik

Every breathless step you take is totally worth the experience. I walked and trenched up the dusty neglected stone pathway, waiting at times to catch a breath and hear the faint honking of vehicles below.  We paid a meager entrance fee of Rs 15 to get inside.

Selfie at Pandavleni
Wandering Sisters in their element

Out of two caves are a major attraction – the main cave which is the Chaitya (prayer hall) has a beautiful Stupa; the second one is cave no. 10 which is complete in all structural as good inscriptions. Only wish there was a tour guide who could have shown and explained us around.

pillars and central stupas are worth appreciating.


I suggest on the climb us you go through each signboard which carries the history and relevant information of the caves. Here we had to just see these structures and figure out for ourselves. One section of the caves has a two-story projection, do not miss the caves at this end even if you extremely tired.

And untold stories of the caves carvings and ruins making this place a beautiful and mysterious place to visit when in Nashik.

Check out my YouTube video to get to see the Pandavleni caves better.



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