Wonderful pickles of India

Pickles of India

The cuisine in India is as vast and wide-ranging as its multi-ethnic culture. The delicious and the exotic dishes of India are marked by the subtle uses of spices and herbs. Pickles of India too, vary widely from region to region. But the common factor that combines every meal in every household is that bottle of pickle tucked away in the kitchen cupboard or refrigerator. No meal is complete without that chatpata or spicy pickle to go along with Dal-Chawal or Puri-Bhajji.

Come March, it is common to see terraces of households across India covered in cut fruits and vegetables laid out on clean cotton bed sheets, left out to dry under the sun. It’s pickling season and everything from limes, chilies, carrots and especially mangoes, is prepared to be doused in spice mixes and preserved in oil and salt.

Pickles of India

Some of the Pickles of India

In the metros there is always a  race for survival, no one really has the time to make pickle yet would love to come home to a comfort meal while reaching out to a Homemade achar jar.

Places of Origin is India`s first and largest platform for famous local foods. On, you can discover 3500+ unique sweets, snacks, biscuits, dry fruits, pickles and staples from 300+ famous local brands from across India. has a large selection of Indian Pickles.

Some of my Favourite pickles would definitely be on the list below and soon adorning my kitchen shelf while adding happiness to my family meals.


In this pickle, robust red chilies slit and stuffed with a mixture of mustard, fenugreek, coriander, fennel, and other aromatics. Characteristic of Punjab & Rajasthan, this flavourful pickle is an apt accompaniment to spice up any boring staple meal.
Please note – This will compel you to lick your fingers 😛

INR 240 for 1 kg


This garlic chutney is made from fresh ingredients along with the unique spices of Rustomji Kolah. It has a sweet and sour taste with a wonderful aftertaste. A perfect companion for the homemaker looking to spice up routine dal-chawal. Kolah is a popular name with us Parsis. Check out the site to order a spill-proof package of this delightful pickle at your doorstep.

Price- INR 120/ for 400 gms


This pickle is the fusion our taste buds need to experience. Bringing the continental into our kitchen the desi traditional style, this pickle made from succulent olives and fresh Jalapeños is nothing like you have tasted before. I ensure you this taste will be unique like you never had before.

Price- INR 210 for 250 gms


 Checking out this pickle, I wondered what cant you pickle, almost everything. If it fits into a jar, then it’s probably fit for pickling. Cauliflower, Turnip & Carrot pickle is a specialty from Punjab, a must-have pickle during winter as these vegetables are easily available during this season. Enjoy the refreshing taste of a pickle made from carefully chosen farm-fresh ingredients that enhances your meal.

Price- INR 135 for 400 gms


Morawala (Amla Murabba) is made from the choicest Indian gooseberries. My childhood delicacy was murabba. Bollywood has loads of songs dedicated to this pickle. Murabba is usually made with copious amounts of sugar. However this version by Anish foods has a lower sugar quantity and no preservatives. Amla is rich in Vitamin C and also helps reduce acidity and heartburn. This murabba is a great accompaniment for parathas and your kids will even love eating it rolled up in a chapati.

Price INR 320 for 500 gms

Learn how to make an easy mango pickle here

While the variety and range of pickles /chutneys. sauces on the site are endless. Place of Origin- a  Craftvilla entity gives you easy online payment options. So sit at home, relax and order your favourite jar of pickle and go “YUMMMMM” with delight. 🙂

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