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Truly – From South to your Mouth and best of South Indian Cuisine

South Indian Cuisine

The beauty of South Indian Cuisine is its variety and the use of well-roasted and grounded spices. I have a spicy and a flavorsome tale to tell on my recent visit to The Orchid, a 5 Star Ecotel Certified Hotel is located in Mumbai. The 84 awards reiterate its efforts of being a pioneer amongst environment-friendly hotels. South Indian Cuisine brings out flavors in dishes, their main ingredients being curry leaves, coconut, and other dry spices.

The Vindhya is best for South Indian cuisine

The South of Vindhyas is a famous restaurant that serves up south Indian cuisine from the States of Kerela, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andra Pradesh. And whom better to take along but the Foodie Mr. Aspi Irani.


The Buffet sit down meals priced at
Rs. 1100 +TAX for Veg – Lunch & Dinner (Mon-Sun)
Rs. 1300 +TAX Non for Veg – Lunch & Dinner (Mon-Sun)
Rs. 1500 +TAX for Seafood – Lunch & Dinner (Mon-Sun)
You can also avail of the A La Carte Menu at the restaurant.
Pleasantly greeted by the Restaurant Manager and a big smile by the other staff, we were guided to our table. The huge lit Diya and spice boat at the entrance prepared me for the Gastronomical and cultural feel  I was going to experience that day.
The interiors were bright and colourful, the lighting and music were perfect to go with the ambiance. I noticed the pretty windows and thatched roofs to go with the Southern restaurant theme.
At first, we were served up hot chicken Broth in a majestic bowl fit for a King’s dinner table. It was peppery and worked like magic for my runny nose. South Indian Cuisine has a lot of pepper being used in their dishes as it is locally grown in South India.
south indian cuisine
For starters they served us the Spiced Pepper chicken, It was outstanding and very tender and served in a well-polished silverware dish lined with a Banana leaf. The dishes were promptly cleared and ” Behold ” It was thali time now.
south indian cuisine
The elaborate Sitdown meal.
I sipped on my buttermilk before I tucked in my royal nonveg thali. It had chicken, meat, and a fish preparation with a whole load of other south Indian dishes including Payasam, curd, curd rice, and mixed stew. Freshly prepared appams were served up while we ate with our hands and licked our fingers. A special mention here to the ” Podi Mamsum” – succulent mutton spiced with Nellore spices, that was my favorite dish on the thali. Masala rice, plain rice, and an assortment of Dals followed.
South Indian cuisine
Chef Bala
We were also visited by Chef Bala to ask us if everything served up was to our liking. I must mention Chef Bala especially makes some very exciting pickles and chutneys that accompany these delicious dishes. I would love to attend a workshop by Chef Bala with all my Food blogger friends.  To  learn and promote these pickled wonders in glass Jars ( just a suggestion team )
Later when I was asked if I liked to have a choice of extra dessert I simply could not resist the Ras Malai I had been craving for quite a while. It was huge, creamy and I did not feel guilty about having it all by myself.
At night this place offers light Live Karnataka music by musicians.
It was quite a sumptuous dinner this one, and I would long to go back and try the seafood Thali that promises squid, prawns, and more variety of gravies and fries.
I would recommend this place for people who love a nice ambiance with a good taste of south Indian food. Overall a wonderfully authentic feel of South India and truly like the SOV claims ” from South to your Mouth”

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  • Mr Sumit

    Very true..South India is so beautiful and talking about the dishes, they makes my mouth watering, Love to go Again in South..!!

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