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Why am I addicted to Traveling?

What is travel addict meaning?

Are you a travel addict? What is the Travel Addict Meaning? Bitten by the travel bug – need to get away from home, people and just travel the globe.

Our mind is the fastest traveler! Traveling from one continent to another in a fraction of a second, without any security check, passport or visa requirements. Today my mind takes me to the London Eye whilst in the next moment, I am taking a selfie at the Pyramids of Giza.

Travelling the world
Let your mind float over cottony clouds

Why I love the World/ Travel Addict Meaning

I have been an avid traveler since my childhood taking voyages across the seven seas with my dad and mom. My father was a Captain with an Indian shipping company hence the opportunity came along. The ocean intrigues me immensely.

But my memories are faded, vague and few. My Love the world has started young.

childhood memory
The voyage I took as a child
In Tokyo with my family
In Tokyo with my family

I can never forget the huge waves, deep colors of the ocean and endless days at sea with no land in sight. The different colours of the ocean, the fury of the waves was simply intruiging.

The view from above is divine
The view from above is divine

After marriage,  my husband and I would take a mandatory holiday every year to Indian tourist destinations.  We even ventured out to select nearby countries like Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, Nepal Sri Lanka, Mauritius and a few more.

Making some good/bad memories of Traveling and filling up our photo albums. Planning of Traveling, packing, booking was fun, returning and unpacking left me nostalgic.

travel addict meaning
Enjoy a swinging hammock

There was always a thrill of starting the journey and a feeling of emptiness when we return.

My favorite all time journeys to date

A  dream come true, and one off my bucket list when mother-daughter duo decided to venture on a solo trip to Jordan. To see the ruins of Amman, Petra city, and float in the Dead Sea.

Best picture of all

Would Jordan be safe for two women travelers? With no male company at all. What awaited us was a question only time would tell.

travel addict meaning
Donkey ride in Petra

But let me tell you all about this wonderful trip. Never a dull moment, an action-packed to holiday with Amman, Petra and floating in The Dead Sea. Here is my previous blog post on our travels to Jordan.

What makes any country beautiful, are the people whom we interact with. Their lifestyle, way of speaking and mannerisms is what fascinated me.

At the lowest level on Earth

We returned back home making wonderful friends, our young tourist guide at Petra who was also pursuing his Ph.D. in Archaeology alongside. He explained every detail taking care to answer all our questions while cracking a few jokes to lighten up the mood.

Our tourist guide cum driver for the trip

Our funny driver –  who sang and drove us around, kept doting over his two daughters and spoke fluent Spanish.

Traveling the world
A view of The Dead Sea

The friendly hotel receptionist who took time out to understand more about the Taj Mahal while expressing to visit this wonder of the world one day.

Addicted to Travel

The thought of travel makes me feel beautiful even if it’s a road trip to a nearby destination. Travel has made me open-minded and compassionate.

Lufthansa Group of Airlines flies to 321 destinations in 103 countries.

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That pretty much sums up my travel addict meaning of what I decipher from my travels overseas.

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