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Best Travel Skincare Tips Just For You

Travel skincare tips – Holidays and vacations are so much fun and excitement. While you seem to enjoy every moment of making beautiful memories, your skin might not be so happy. Let us be honest, skincare is the last thing on our mind; it’s always the excitement of packing clothes and other travel essentials. Skincare routines are forgotten and then we pay a toll for it. And your facial skin is the first to show it. It feels oily, stretchy, scratchy and even dull just after a day.  

travel skincare tips

This is due to the exposure of recirculated air during air travel. Lack of moisture and your skin will react to it immediately. On landing, it gets worse as you can end up with moisture-sapped, dry complexion. Moreover, during a road trip, the harsh sun beats down through those car windows during road travel. We tend to neglect our skin, often relying on the strange unbranded beauty products given to us in hotel rooms.

Here are some great travel skincare tips, some I have overheard in five-star hotel elevators, posh beauty parlors, and airport lobbies and even at kitty parties. Made a blend of them all even tried and tested a few of these travel skincare tips.

healthy food

1.Watch what you eat before a flight

However much the excitement of traveling to a distant location is, we need to be aware of what we consume a day prior to that. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol can play hell and disrupt your sleep patterns, so the best is to avoid it as far as possible. Opt for no heavy or spicy meals; take ample rest before the flight. Take foods like oatmeal, bananas, cheese, and fruit that are rich in fiber and are good for the skin. These foods help you feel less bloated, even aid fight jet lag. This tip was contributed by an air hostess friend who has flawless skin.

2. Splash water on your face

This is a simple way to tell your skin you care. In fact avoid using soap or cleanser, a good water splash will be more refreshing. Your skin will definitely thank you later.

3. Hydrate from the inside

We tend to avoid drinking water with the fear of not finding a washroom to relieve ourselves. In the past, each one of us has faced such awkward situations, terrible bladder pressures, and dirty toilets. However times have changed, there are toilets at gas stations, and almost everywhere you travel, far or near. The water intake keeps skin hydrated toxins at bay and makes our skin behave.

travel skincare tips

4. Carry your skin essentials

We never forget to pack an evening dress, our high heel shoes, and swimsuits. Yet we rely on cosmetics and creams provided by the hotel or airlines which our skin is not used to. Here is where the problem lies. Carry your skin faves, night cream, moisturizer, sunscreen without fail in your suitcase. No worries, don’t bulk up! You can put your skincare products into smaller reusable containers. Carry miniature sizes in a zip-lock bag for the trip.

The Sun can be harsh, never travel without a good SPF sunscreen

5. Moisturize your skin

Apply your regular moisturizer the night before you are going on your travel trip. This will help increase the hydration level of your skin before it gets exposed to the dehydrating effects of air travel.

6. Evade high temp water

It is just normal to need to wash our face in the shower; be that as it may, this doesn’t support your skin, particularly the delicate skin all over. Make a point to wash with warm/cooler water to abstain from getting the skin irritated and breaking into rashes.

7. Lessen the makeup

However much we wish to look glamourous when we travel, it’s the best option to go less on makeup especially the heavy foundations and cheek colours. Excessive makeup on flights is the main reason for skin breakouts and pimples. This could ruin all your holiday pictures.

8. Carry face wipes

Due to lack of moisture, the facial skin feels stretchy, it’s a good option to carry a couple of good quality face facial wipes in a zip lock pouch. One wipe can easily freshen the face wherever you are. You can use them while traveling on a plane bus or car, or while sightseeing around in the daytime.  

9. Don’t touch your face often

Set a mental reminder in your head to keep your hands off your face during trips. Strictly abide by this rule and bless me later. This tip was shared by a kitty party friend. I bless her to date. This is due to the germs and bacteria we pick up during traveling; this gets transferred to our facial skin if we touch it often.

Sleep selfie
Sleep like a baby

10. Get your beauty sleep

Our skin looks tired and unhealthy if we do not get enough sleep, so grab those 40 winks whenever possible. And nothing like getting a good night’s sleep to wake up rejuvenated with happy skin.

Let the sunshine be your makeup

The bottom line

Remember that travel skincare is important and different from the home skincare regime. Before you set out on a holiday keep in mind the pointers above, you rather take these travel skincare tips seriously to avoid the after vacation skin problems and blues

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