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Top 8 Countries to Visit with Friends

Taking a holiday with the family is so different from going on a trip with friends. Isn’t it? And when you ask me why going with friends is so unique in relation to the typical yearly holiday with family. The truth is that you will encounter huge amounts of fun experiences when with friends. It is something that will not be planned and sometimes it just happens impromptu. Even though, solo travel has its own fun yet nothing beats the recollections of going with your companions. The craziness and mad stories you experience with friends keep you going for a lifetime. The laughter and tales you share and the bond you make while traveling together last forever. Let us find out the top 8 Countries to Visit with Friends.

Egypt Pyramids Cairo
Made unforgettable memories on the Egypt Trip with friends

Why take a Holiday with Friends

The relaxed holiday with your dear friends is far better than a thousand excursions alone as your companions. It deepens your friendship and gets you to do something different than the usual. Going away with the girls helps you to open out and get more sociable.  I have now shortlisted 8 top Countries to Visit with Friends and with your besties below. It could be a school or college reunion, or even the last time you take a trip before you tie the knot.

Brown Castle

1. Spain

Spain is surely first on the list. It is simply the happiest destination to travel with a group of friends. From night clubs to beaches, it’s just an entire holiday of merriment and gaiety thanks to the 210 kilometers of coastline and beaches, Spain offers Mouth-watering food, dance parties on the beach and plenty of outdoor activities you can enjoy together. Enjoy water sports such as kayaking or snorkeling or just laze on the beach with a Mojito in your hand

2. Netherlands

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and this is another fantastic city to travel with friends. The ancient charm of the city is one to experience with friends. The feel of the coffee shops, bars, and discos can be best enjoyed in large groups. A solo traveler will be quite lost in such a happening destination. Enjoy the streets while taking a bicycle ride with your friends or even go bar hopping to savor the best beers in the world.

 3. Thailand

Thailand offers something beyond night clubs and strip joints. The spot that is known for smiles remains one of the top experience travel objectives for voyagers and considering current conditions too! It has everything: white sand shorelines, full moon parties, splendid pubs, shady mountains, wildlife, crazy nightlife, and crazy delightful street food. Experience searchers primarily take base themselves in Bangkok and take the train, transport, or motorbike to travel and get the local feel of this hustling bustling city.

4. Greece

Why Greece you ask me? Is it historical and boring? No way!! Greece is emerging as the ultimate hot spot for beach parties, and every year Mykonos beach bar parties are talked about with enthusiasm world over.. Boasting of tourists around the world and music played by the best world-famous DJs. Parties just don’t stop at the crack of dawn. Greece is famous for its whitewashed towns, Greek cuisine, and old historical monuments. Imagine the great Instagramamble pictures you can take with friends around. Greece even ranks as the top among Europe’s travel goals.

Countries to Visit with Friends
Streets of Vietnam

5.  Vietnam

Surprisingly Vietnam is emerging as the more preferred tourist destination in South East Asia. Many Indians are skipping the touristy Thailand and heading to Vietnam instead. The country offers scenic beauty and excursions. Must visit with friends are the Marble Mountains in Danang and the hustling bustling city of Hanoi, this country has something for everyone. Take a trip to Ho Chi Minh City for its state-of-art architecture, street food, and nightlife and café culture.

Countries to Visit with Friends
Northern Lights in the Sky

6. Finland

Finland is a beautiful country better known as the Land of a thousand lakes. This country should be on top of your travel bucket list as Finland is ranked among the top countries with the highest quality of life. Just imagine meeting the happy Sami people, living in an igloo to witness the Northern lights and even visiting Santaclaus in Lapland with friends. Now that would be a dream come true for most of us.

7. Hawaii

Hawaii is a Natures paradise that is blessed with a beautiful climate, perfect for outdoor activities. The Big Island is so popular with tourist groups. Hawaii is the best for relaxation on the beach, and the perfect holiday destination to unwind with friends. Plenty to see and do, from an active volcano, USS Arizona Memorial, Panaewa Rainforest Zoo, and Waimea Canyon.

Countries to Visit with Friends

8. Turkey  

 Last on my list yet not the least is Turkey.  Turkey is picture-postcard perfect with its beautiful shorelines and Middle Eastern charm. It offers an enriched experience of different kinds to all travelers. A visit with friends to Turkey is a hypnotizing get-away.

As I cannot plan your getaway destination with friends for you, I decided to help you narrow down to a perfect 8 top Countries to Visit with Friends. Which one is your favourite from the list?

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