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Tips for Healthy Lifestyle during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tips for Healthy Lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic- Staying inside the house during the lockdown, especially when you are not used to it can be extremely difficult. So, how does one maintain a healthy lifestyle even during the COVID -19 pandemic?

The present situation is forcing many of us to stay indoors. While some of us manage to do a few chores around the house, largely elders and kids are having a sedentary lifestyle eating junk, packaged foods, and giving in to their cravings. Sleeping late at night with practically no exercise at all is how I started out in the month of April. Here is when we need a balanced nutritious diet to remain healthy and be able to get good immunity to fight the virus.

Tips for Healthy Lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic

Tips for Healthy Lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water regularly during these times is most important. Even though some of us don’t feel thirsty, we need to reach out for that glass of water. In fact I have set an hourly alarm to remind me to drink water. Also go with plain water instead of chilled water or sugar-sweetened drinks to cut down on empty calories.

2. Try to Eat Right

The food that we consume plays an important role in determining our overall health and immunity. One needs to intake less carb diets, so that it will help control high blood sugar and pressure.  A low carb and high protein-rich diet also helps and supports muscles and keeps you in good shape.  A balanced diet rich in whole grains, nuts and healthy fats  is the best to help support your immune system. Foods like mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers and green leafy vegetables like spinach are good to be included in diet options in order to build resilience in the body against infections. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and minerals as well as fiber.

3. Ensure you Sleep Well

It’s not the number of hours but the quality of sleep that is important in such a situation. A good sleep duration can be of 7 -8 hours. It is the best way to unwind, relax and help the body to cope with tiredness. Sleep helps your body build immunity and aids a better function of the brain. Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can cause the body to be more vulnerable to the virus.

Tips for Healthy Lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic

4. Try to Squeeze in an Exercise Schedule

A good diet alone will not be helpful; this should be complemented by a simple exercise routine. Simple exercises using a chair or water bottles as dumbbells can be done at any time of the day. There are several YouTube videos and apps that you can refer to. With a regular exercise schedule you will feel happier and lighter. This also improves your metabolism and body immunity.  

5. Make time for entertainment

All work and no play make Jane a plain girl. Just a twist in the proverb we all know. But yes, daily chores can consume most of our time; however we need to take out some time for entertainment also. It helps you de-stress and relax. Watch a movie or a show. Change the lighting for making that difference and sit with a bowl of popcorn on the couch.

Tips for Healthy Lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic

6. Stay in Touch with Family and Friends

Physically we need to be isolated and maintain social distancing during this pandemic however we can catch up with family and friends over a video chat. It is so important to stay connected with your loved ones, make them feel you truly care even being miles apart. Thanks to digital technology it is so simple now. One needs to take advantage of the many modern tools of communication like Wattsapp, Zoom etc that are available to us to keep in touch with the important people in our lives.

7. Meditation can be Helpful

 Meditation is another method one can adopt to soothe the mind with calmness and ease stress. Sitting quietly in a tranquil spot in your home with eyes shut and concentrating on your breathing for just 10 minutes in a day can help you eliminate the negative vibes.

Humans are social beings! We cannot be inbound for long hours. It can lead to anxiety, depression, and feeling of hopelessness. Therefore it is important for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enrich our mind, body, and soul during these trying times. The tips for Healthy Lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic above are just a pointer to assist in that direction. Here are some fun activities to do during Quarantine.

Kindly share your ideas, points of view, or special tips in the comments below.

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  • Cindy Dsilva

    I have done all of the above, except exercise. Starting my belly dancing next week. Hopefully that’s enough to keep my body fit and fine. Hoola hoops is something I do along with the kids.

  • Varsh

    The tips you’ve shared are perfect for everyone. Good health and better immunity are crucial right now and so is protecting ourselves from this unseen virus. We must take every precaution we can.

  • Kavita Singh

    All the points mentioned above are practical and really important to follow. Thank you for sharing this. I believe people need to take this more seriously, I still see a lot of people not wearing masks.

  • Dr Bushra

    Agree that Healthy Lifestyle during the COVID-19 Pandemic is much needed. As we are staying at home and all our lifestyle has messed up especially unhealthy eating and not doing any physical activity

  • Judy Morris

    I am trying to sleep on time and forcing myself to squeeze in exercise. Meanwhile due to more attention of eating healthy I have started to eat more.

  • Roma

    I am trying to follow all these dear to the best of my abilities thanks a lot for the reminder buddy sometimes we just get so complacent

  • the trraveller

    Some great tips as always. Especially at a time like this where everyone is struggling both physically and more mentally. Exercising is key during this lockdown. Thanks for sharing.

  • ritu

    Thanks a lot Annu for sharing these helpful tips during this international pandemic Covid-19 . i was lacking in Exercise but your really inspired me to follow your tips . Really loved this blog

  • Pawan Ranta

    Great tips Anahita! Mental health is a serious problem aggravated by COVID-19 pandemic. Meditation would help but we also need not obsess over endless Coronavirus news coverage.

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