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Three Fairytale Proposal Ideas to Inspire You

Fairytale proposal ideas to inspire you

Whilst most of us won’t have the budget or organizational skills to pull off a full-scale, movie-style proposal, it’s nice to dream. After all, creating a fairytale moment for your partner is the ultimate way of saying ‘I love you’.

If you have the time and money, then you can recreate these dream proposals, but if not, then let them inspire your daydreams and create something just as magical that is perfect for you two as a couple. Remember, however you choose to propose, sincerity and love are the real markers of the perfect proposal.

Room of roses

Perhaps one of the most visibly lavish declarations of love can come in the form of a room bursting with roses, tealights and candles. Let them lead the way to a sign saying ‘will you marry me?’, where you drop to one knee and pop the question. This is traditional romance at its best, and will make for a truly special moment for you and your partner.

If you have a specific song, make sure this is playing softly in the background, otherwise opt for a personalised playlist or keep it classical. If you’re really blowing the budget and your partner won’t be put off by other people being there, you could hire a string quartet or a small trio of singers to serenade them as they enter the room.

Whilst red roses are an elegant classic, why not choose the colour based on your partner’s preference and your feelings? Different-colored roses have different meanings, according to florists – white for young love and eternal loyalty, ivory for charm and grace, red for true love, and pink for elegance and gratitude.

Fairytale proposal ideas to inspire you

Helicopter ride and private dinner

If you want to give your partner a truly once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience, then a helicopter ride can be the perfect choice. Clearly, this will depend on where you live, but there are certain locations that just beg to be seen from the air, such as New York and the Great Barrier Reef.

This type of proposal allows you to be almost alone with your partner, taking in the world together, and appreciating the beauty around you. What better way to ask them to spend their life with you?

After the trip, finish with a candlelit dinner or picnic in a remote location on a rooftop, so that you can continue to celebrate in your own happy bubble.


If you know that your partner would love a big, statement proposal, why not organise a flashmob dance to their favourite song? You might need help from a professional wedding planner for this one, but the end effect will be spectacular.

If you can, coordinate with your loved one’s friends to get them to the location, rather than take them there yourself. It will absolutely be worth keeping the secret so that you can emerge from the centre of the dancers and present them with a bespoke diamond engagement ring. Just make sure to hire a videographer so that you can get it all on camera for you two to watch back when the surprise has sunk in.

Fairytale proposal ideas to inspire you

Interesting and unique, isnt it? Fairytale proposal ideas to inspire you, which one is your favourite?

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