Thekkady Places to visit
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Top Thekkady places to visit on your next trip

Thekkady Places to Visit

Thekkady was next on the cards, after a beautiful action-packed two days in Munnar. This town is heaven for wildlife as well as for nature lovers and is usually combined with Munnar by Travellers who visit Kerala. Munnar is the most popular tourist destination in Kerala however Thekkady is not far behind. No one can miss a visit to the Periyar Tiger Reserve at Thekkady.

Getting to Thekkady

We traveled from Munnar to Thekkady by road. The distance is about 85 to 90 km, depending on the route you choose. The entire route is of high terrains with mountains, hills, tea plantations, and cardamom estates. The roads get windy and bumpy some times. One stretch was full of portholes so do not sit in the car with a full stomach.

Why is Thekkady Popular/Thekkady Places to Visit

Blessed with Natural forests, Thekkady obtains the joy of being the most enticing and enchanting vacation spot of India. Roosted at a height of approx 900 meters, this spot is notable for its hypnotizing untamed life, characteristic excellence and bold activities. Periyar National Park is one of the most immaculate amongst the woodlands of Thekkady. Here you can stretch out the enjoyable to another dimension. There is a colossal gathering of activities in Thekkady, which can’t be neglected. Explorers who are looking for a journey to this charming area are invited to various activities. Thekkady is one of the best destinations in Kerala. Here let’s discuss Thekkady places to visit.

Thekkady places to visit

The Periyar Sanctuary

Thekkady is renowned for the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. There is a sailing office at Thekkady where the vessel will take you around the Wildlife Sanctuary through the Periyar Lake. One can see wild creatures amid this pontoon ride yet should be tranquil. The Mulla Periyar dam can likewise be seen amid this pontoon ride. Note that, Mullapperiyar dam and Periyar natural life Sanctuary can be seen just amid this drifting and can’t be gotten to by street.

Thekkady places to visit

Cruizing Down Periyar Lake

Enjoy Cruising on the Periyar Lake, but don’t forget to book online as the slots are taken by Nature enthusiasts. Timings of this sanctuary are from 6 AM to 6 PM. Thekkady or Periyar Lake is acclaimed for its wide assortments of natural life. You can likewise take a vessel ride in the supply that gives water to the forest.

Thekkady places to visit

Kerala Tourism Department Corporation offers pontoon rides that are a huge method to see and spot untamed life arranged close to the stream. Rather than a guided walk, you can pick this option. The journey is an ideal method to enjoy the amazing displays of nature. Diverse species, like elephants, bison can be spotted drinking water from the pond. If you want to experience wildlife in its perfect natural habitat then this is the best way to do it.

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Thekkady places to visit

Elephant rides

Elephant rides are just wow! And could be considered as a fun tourist thing to do when in Thekkady. However I suggest, if you love elephants then please don’t ride them. These rides aren’t only common but very popular as well among tourists and local people. Apart from this, these rides are available in Periyar National Park. Tourists enjoy these rides at various other locations such as tea and coffee plantations. However, the elephants’ are overburdened with weight and given practically no rest. Their diet is often nutritionally inadequate, barely fueling them for the long treacherous walks they have to undertake without complaining.

Thekkady places to visit

Nature walk

Nature walks in Thekkady aren’t only different but extremely fulfilling. However much I wished to go for Nature’s walk with my daughter and Son in law, I couldn’t due to my knee pain. Nature Walk through the jungle was booked online. Thekkady Places to Visit

They had a forest ranger accompany them. Imagine being all alone in the jungle with just your instincts to support you. They spotted many species of insects, birds, bison, deers, and trees. They have walked for almost 3 hours and returned with beautiful images and memories. These nature walks are organized to allows visitors to get closer to nature. Definitely top of the list for Thekkady places to visit.

Thekkady places to visit

Go for spices shopping in Thekkady

Thekkady is renowned for spices plantation and you can easily buy really cheap yet most effective and aromatic spices from Thekkady. There are numerous shops available in Thekkady that sells organic garden spices at the most reasonable price. You should take back home the best spices of Kerala as much as you can and also select small packets, and gift packets to give friends and family.

Thekkady places to visit

I picked up assorted spices, nutmeg, dried kokum, and even some dried bitter gourd to try once back home.

Thekkady places to visit

Enjoy an evening of Kalaripayattu

The first evening was kept aside to become familiar with the most ancient art form of hand to hand fighting on the planet – the Kalaripayattu. It is considered so old that many trusts it came straight from the divine beings.  Kadathanadan Kalari Center in Thekkady shows an extraordinary showcase of the antiquated artistic expression with its gifted group. It was an excellent show of Keralian Martial arts. Everyone coming to this land should make this a must on the list of-Thekkady Places to Visit.

The well trained perform various stunts without and with weapons. Their practice and hard work are visible in each stunt. The throbbing music and intense moves by the entertainers, including various weapons and gymnastic gear, kept the gathering of people at the edge of their seats. The climax of the show was the play with fire. Just kept praying for the act to go right but hats off to the performers, they did a fantabulous job leaving the audience spellbound.

Thekkady places to visit

Our Hotel – Greenwoods Resort

Greenwoods is an extravagance nature resort in Kerala situated in Thekkady. Even though the hotel is in the heart of Thekkady it was serene and just perfect in every way. Well designed cottages situated with green lush grass and tall trees all around. Plenty of activities offered by the hotel management. We were taken on Nature’s Walk to see exotic and interesting plant species trees etc.

Thekkady places to visit

The evenings were entertaining too. We were enchanted by the Mohiniyattam dance form performed in the hotel hall and even posed with the expressive dancer.

I even attended a cooking demo and learned a very quick and easy Mixed Vegetable Thoran.

Isn’t Thekkady astounding? I was fortunate to visit with my beautiful family. Traveling by road and getting to know each other was the best part. I truly need to return to Kerala and invest much more time and make more memories coz Once was not enough?

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