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The History of Chocolates and the New Chocolate Trend of the 21st Century

The History of Chocolates and the New Chocolate Trend of the 21st Century

Chocolate is happiness that you can eat …. Do you agree? And people who enjoy a good piece of chocolate are truly happy people.

How far has the chocolate come! From luxury to necessity! Would you like to know the history of chocolates?

Fun fact: Cocoa was originally consumed as a beverage long before it was transformed into a food.

The history of chocolates

In 450 BC:

The Mayans enjoyed the cocoa beans as a bitter beverage, mixed with spices and corn meal. This ‘Drink of the Gods’ was used during rituals and as a medicine.

The history of chocolates

In 15th Century:

The Aztecs, besides using drinking chocolate as a refreshing beverage, used cocoa beans as a currency and also as an aphrodisiac for Aztec soldiers.

In 16th Century:

The Spanish brought chocolate to Europe. They were not happy with the bitter chocolate drink, so sugar was added as sweetener.

The history of chocolates

In 19th Century:

Joseph Fry invented the first solid chocolate bar, by adding cocoa butter to cocoa powder. Henri Nestle designed the milk chocolate bar in 1875 by adding condensed milk to solid chocolate, and Rodolphe Lindt invented a machine to mix chocolate to a perfectly smooth consistency in 1879.

In 20th Century:

Chocolates were evolving then, from different types of elements being infused with chocolates, to different chocolate products. Chocolate in various forms was an important ingredient in various products like cakes, desserts, drinking chocolate, ice creams etc. The Black Forest cake originated in the 20th Century.

In 21st Century:

Now chocolates are consumed world over. New chocolate treats are getting launched almost every day. The biggest preference being dark chocolates and sugar free chocolates for health reasons. Coconut milk chocolates are also trending in the chocolate industry!


21st Century sees a shift to Artisan chocolates produced by small chocolate makers–artisans–who understand their crafts while using sustainable and ethically sourced quality ingredients. Artisan chocolates are designed with care and supervision of a knowledgeable chocolatier, who could be defined as an artisan.

One such Artisan chocolate brand is BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates. You can check their official website here. These chocolate bars are 100% vegan, gluten-free and soy-free!
It is made from cacao beans, cocoa butter, palm sugar, and other natural ingredients!!

BeTee's Melt chocolates

BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates are launched in 3 varieties:

1. DARK CHOCOLATE  – Cacao beans, palm sugar, cocoa butter 72%
2. COCONUT MILK CHOCOLATE – Coconut milk,  cacoa beans, cocoa butter, coconut sugar 54%
3. MILK CHOCOLATE – Cacao beans, brown sugar, cocoa butter, milk 48%

What’s unique about these Chocolates

1. Each chocolate bar has a rich, beautiful, delightful taste which is irresistible. Even the 72% dark chocolate is not over the top bitter or chalky; it has a likeable blend of sweet and bitter.

2. These chocolates are a rich source of antioxidants.

3. With a shelf life up to 12 months, can be stored easily.

4. Its free from refined sugar, hence can be consumed guilt-free.

5. The brand aims at being a sustainable business model with zero wastage and zero impact on the environment.

6. All chocolate products are completely vegetarian.

The history of chocolates

So, if you are a genuine chocolate lover then BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates is definitely what you should try. A lower calorie chocolate without over sweetened refined sugar.

The history of chocolates is definitely an interesting topic to discuss in this post. Chocolate is one of the few things people cannot resist. Take this opportunity to enjoy the best of the 21st century has to offer! Whether you prefer dark, milk or any other kind, for a true chocoholic even thinking about it can brings a smile to your face.

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  • Anita Singh

    Chocolate is love ??
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    Glad to know details about chocolate , now going to eat ??

  • Surbhi Prapanna

    Wow great post and you have shared many interesting points about history of chocolates. Beetee’s melted chocolate looking a lot healthier than other routine chocolates. Will explore more about this brand from my side.

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    We all love chocolate and yes it’s really important to know the history of our favorite thing… Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information… Melt chocolate looks great ??? definitely would love to try.

    • MeenalSonal

      Our mighty chocolate has travelled so far constantly refining each time. I never knew that chocolate was also used as a currency. I am personally a lover of dark chocolate and enjoyed your post. Thank you for sharing

  • Ambica Gulati

    Chocolates are irresistible. We sure like them anytime anywhere. Now, your post has got me curious to learn more about the history and chocolate making process. Even the Bee Tee chocolates look delicious.

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      Inwas so excited to read history of choclates. Didn’t knew a thing about how it started. I am glad I came across this blog, learned something new. Melt chocolates seem amazing choice.

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    I love dark chocolates and like to try new varieties. BeeTee’s Melt Chocolates looks promising, plus they r low in calories. Shall check.

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    Just yesterday me and my husband were talking about chocolates and believe me everyone in my family is crazy for chocolates except for me who only likes dark chocolates. And we were talking about the invention of chocolate and where did it come from. I love my dark chocolates and I’m going to check out these BeeTees Melts Dark chocolates for my myself.

  • Pamela Mukherjee

    Being a chocolate lover I did research on the chocolate transformation process with its history. Loved this post as you have mentioned all these points. Anyway, main focus is melt as I never tried that and going to try soon.

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    Chocolates are just pure love and it was great to read about their history! Well, how did they come to India? Melt looks quite delicious. i would definitely love to try them sometime.

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    Wow this post is so cool. I had no idea about the history of chocolates. I knew from where it is made and processed, but the history, no. Thanks for this article, now I know more about chocolates.

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