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The goodness of Dates/ Dates and Oats Laddoo

What are Dates?

Dates are actually dated back to back at least 50 million years ago. This soft chewy fruit from the palm tree has been the staple food of the Middle East ever since.  Most Muslims consider the date as sacred and even break the religious fast during the month of Ramadam with dried dates.  Dates are the derived fruit of the date palm tree that is grown in many tropical regions of the world. Dates have become quite a popular world over due to its health benefits. They are even high in important nutrients needed for good health and have a variety of advantages and uses.

Goodness of Dates

Dates are a powerhouse of good energy

1. Lowers cholesterol

Dates are so wonderful that they cholesterol-free and contain very little fat. One must include them in smaller quantities in your daily diet can help you keep a check on cholesterol level, and even assist in weight loss. So start loading up on dates today. 

2. Good for bones

Dates are loaded with vitamins such as B1, B2, B3 and B5, as well as A1 and C. If you just have two dates every day, you don’t need to take vitamin supplements. Experts agree that consuming dates on a daily basis can decrease the chances of osteoporosis later in life. 

3. Lessens Constipation

Since dates contain a high level of fiber, regular consumption of dates eases the discomfort of passing a hard stool. If dates are dry soak the dates in warm water and then consume for the goodness of dates.

4. Control blood sugar

The fiber and antioxidants in dates support the levels of blood sugar in the body. This can be a good alternate sweet eating option for diabetes patients however in medium portions.

5. Great for Skin health and complexion

Its also known that dates are a rich source of vitamin C and D that works for the skin directly. Vitamin C has benefits of the power of anti-aging elements that enable you to get a smoother flawless complexion.

6. Good Energy Booster

Dates are the perfect source of instant energy, they boosting your energy and uplift a persons working capacity immediately.

Goodness of Dates

Dates and Oats Laddoo


1 cup rolled oats
16 dates
½ cup chopped almonds and walnuts
1 tbsp ghee
1/4 cup jaggery


1. First of all, deseed the dates and whisk for 30 seconds in a mixer. Keep them ready for making the laddoos.

2. Chop the almonds and walnuts roughly. Dry roast the nuts one by one and keep aside. Do not roast all chopped nuts together as the nut have different roasting time so always roast separately.

3 Add the rolled oats in a pan and dry roast on medium heat till they turn golden brown in color.

4. Once the oats and nuts come at room temperature, then mix them up together.

5. Now add ghee to the mixture. Add the dates and bind well.

 6. Take a small portion of this mixture and make ball shape using your palms.

7. The laddoos are ready. You can store them in an airtight jar.
Laddoos can stay fresh for up to ten days.

So enjoy the goodness of dates in a unique way.

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