The dreaded Dengue/ Prevention of Dengue

The Dreaded Dengue/ Dengue virus prevention

Last year in the month of August, I developed shivers and severe body ache, not knowing what was happening to my body I kept having antibiotics to curb the fever. My doctor suggested a blood test and yes, SweetAnnu was diagnosed with Dengue. Recovered now but the thought of that period of time when I suffered this dreaded virus only sends shivers down my spine.I hope and pray none of my family; friends and readers ever have to go through this.

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne infection that affects almost 390 million individuals every year. While the sickness is curable, it may be fatal at times.

Ongoing examination indicates dengue is somewhere in the range of 100 and 800 years of age. It likely started in Africa or Southeast Asia and was then conveyed to different pieces of the world through movement and exchange.

As of late, dengue has spread to more than 100 nations. Presently, voyagers to prevalent goals like Brazil and India could get the infection.

The infection is otherwise called ‘breakbone fever’ because of its indications.

dengue virus prevention

What is dengue?

Dengue is a viral infection transmitted by the bite of an infected female Aedes mosquito. Symptoms appear in 3–14 days (average 4–7 days) after the infective bite. Dengue fever is a flu-like illness that affects infants, young children, and adults.
According to health officials, the most common symptoms are:
FEVER – around 40°C
WEAKNESS – intense fatigue
PAIN IN THE BODY – behind the eyes and joints

Dengue Virus Prevention

When I gave a lecture about dengue in my school to spread awareness, the children came up with interesting ways to protect themselves from mosquitoes. One kid wanted to send all mosquitoes to the planet of Mars while another said it was more dangerous than a tiger. However, I explained to them in an easy way how we can protect ourselves against dengue fever by taking certain precautions. Listed below are the dengue virus prevention tips:
• Prevent mosquito breeding inside and outside your home
• Avoid visiting areas prone to mosquitoes
• Apply mosquito repellant lotion to exposed skin and/or clothing.
• Wear long-sleeves and long pants to cover your arms and legs.• Use mosquito nets while sleeping.
• Guard against bites by using a mosquito coil in the house or in open areas like a veranda.
• One can use Aerosol, electric liquid, coils to save oneself from bites.
• Dengue-carrying mosquitoes breed in stagnant water so remove or throw away any standing water.
dengue virus prevention

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Join the fight against Dengue:

The #SavePayal Campaign, Many people live in risk of catching dengue, a flu-like illness that can result in hospitalization and even death. Children are the most vulnerable. Payal is one of those children, but there are millions more. Join All Out® in the fight against dengue and together we can help protect your family and community from dengue. All Out® campaign to #SavePayal is a common story of any girl child who can succumb to this deadly virus called Dengue. Let’s join hands, take action and Save Payal in every street, city, state of India. Everyone should be aware of this serious virus that is deadly and claiming lives. You can miss call on this number (1800180181818) and participate in wholeheartedly. We need to wake up and Save Payal and join this endeavor by ALL OUT. Help out towards Dengue virus prevention.



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