Best reasons to visit Vietnam in 2020
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The best reasons to visit Vietnam in 2020

The best reasons to visit Vietnam in 2020 – If you are thinking of destinations for your next holiday, look no further than Vietnam. This amazing country boasts stunning views and beautiful landscapes and is truly one of the most breathtaking places to visit.

When should you go?

What are the best reasons to visit Vietnam in 2020? The answer to this depends on what part of Vietnam you choose to visit. Although a lot of areas are hot in the summer months, due to high humidity, they can experience high levels of rainfall. To avoid this, the best time to visit is between November and April, where, although it might not be as warm, it will certainly be drier.

The best things to see and do whilst you are in Vietnam

1. Temples of Angkor

It is easy to see why Angkor is growing hugely in popularity. The Angkor temples, which are located in the northern Cambodian province of Siem Reap, and have to be seen to be believed.

If you only have time to explore a few of the temples, the main one to visit is Angkor Wat. This temple even features on the national flag, and is known as the biggest religious monument in the world – it is surrounded by an equally as impressive 3km moat! We also recommend Angkor Thom and the Bayon as well as Ta Prohm.

While it is possible to travel around the main temples in just one day, to really savor the moment and explore some of the more hidden temples, spending a few days in this area really is worth it.

best reasons to visit Vietnam in 2020

2. Rice fields of Hoang Su Phi

The rice fields of Hoang Su Phi are a must-visit for anyone who loves photography, trekking and nature. The months of September and October is the best time to visit to view the breathtaking natural beauty here. During these months the terraced rice fields will change color from green to yellow in preparation for the new harvest. Just imagine this gorgeous view of the golden rice on the mountains for as long as you can see over the horizon. This is a reason that this is considered to be one of the most naturally beautiful places in Vietnam, and should definitely be on your itinerary when visiting.

best reasons to visit Vietnam in 2020

3. The Golden Bridge

If you want a brilliant location to take in the breathtaking views, visit The Golden Bridge. The 150 metre long pedestrian bridge is located near Da Nang and offers spectacular views. The bridge itself is also impressive, having two giant stone hands appearing to support the structure.

Temple in Vietnam

4. Confucian Temple of Literature

The Temple of Literature is considered as one of Hanoi’s most picturesque tourist attractions. This beautiful site was originally built as a university in 1070 and has now become one of the most popular tourist attractions, thanks to the fact it has been incredibly well preserved, showing you a really traditional example of Vietnamese architecture.

How to make the most of your visit

Taking a tour is one of the best ways to really experience this country in all its glory. It allows you to discover an area of Vietnam that you wish to visit in-depth, whilst ensuring that you do not miss anything. Of course, if you wanted to do a trip that is completely designed and tailor-made to you, you can hire mopeds and tuk-tuks to get around as well. So now book those tickets as you all know the best reasons to visit Vietnam in 2020.

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