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Confessions of a Selfie lover

Confessions of a Selfie lover

Judge me not, coz I am a Selfie lover,
Its all about experiencing the happy me – Sweetannu

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I have been clicking photographs of myself since the inception of the smartphone. This primarily began to change my Facebook Profile picture. In fact I would take a Selfie but not let it look like its taken by me. Taking a Selfie has added a new dimension with social media users who have passion about photography. Nowadays even a 3 year old toddler asks to take a selfie with you. Instantly breaks into a pout or smile when the smartphone is positioned in front of him/her.

My First Selfie


Selfie Love
I love Selfie

Few of these initial selfie were taken almost ten years ago when the smartphone cameras were not so advanced or developed. All that mattered was the position of the head, subtle smile and a contrast or interesting background. See how primitive these photos are with no scope for wider background range. Sometimes it took more than half a dozen shots to get the desired photo. My sister Farzeen had proclaimed me as the  first Selfie Queen in the family.

My best selfie

Now there is never a day I resist to take a selfie. On the beach, while traveling and especially with my friends and family. Being a food blogger I often take pictures with my food too. But if you ask me which is my favourite selfie I will have two to choose.

Wedding Day Selfie

1. This is my most cherished selfie with my daughter Zenia on her wedding day. This moment  was a mixed bag of emotions. Happy and nervous, excited and sad to see my precious gem start a new life with her husband  in a new home. The image is one of the rare moments when I actually smiled for this Selfie inspite of being  teary eyed.

Our Selfie with The Ganges

2. Each holiday and event has loads of beautiful memories. The smartphone has made is so much easier capture the moment forever. The surrounding, the feelings, the experience make you cherish a particular selfie. This one was taken on my recent holiday to Rishikesh. With the Morning sun in our eyes, and The Holy Ganges behind us. My husband and me were all set to go River Rafting for the first time. This selfie brings back the memory of my boat capsizing. But I swam right back up with gusto and a feeling of accomplishment.

Why I click selfie?

1. To relive that specific moment into the future, every day is special and memories are what I live with.

2. Selfie makes you a part of a like minded group. Sharing a happy moment through a selfie with others is bonding in a strong way.

3. A Selfie is positive, one tends to forget the stress  and smile for a selfie.

Gang of Girls Holiday Selfie

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Mobiistar “Selfie camera” Phone.

Actually I always wish to capture more of the picturisque scenery when on holiday. We all know that the importance of a good camera phone. And the requirement to click a good selfie.
Mobiistar phone’s front, dual selfie camera captures a 120° wide-angle shot for that ultimate “Selfie experience”. I am definitely going to check it out Mobiistar on Flipkart.

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