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Tips for the Solo Female Traveler

Traveling is fun but is it enjoyable for the Solo Female Traveler? Have you  tried it alone, all by yourself. Wonder if its exciting? Or scary?
Is there a safe travel destination for a Solo female traveler?
So many questions, Read on.. You may find the answers!

Getaway Goddess

The Pop up Getaway by Getaway Goddess

Recently I attended #ThePopUpGetAway, an event hosted by @getawaygoddessin on the eve of Womens Day. Here I got to learn that Me-Time Travel is so important for every individual. It felt so good to be surrounded by  talented and well travelled women who shared interesting travel stories inspiring me to take one myself.

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Check Top 6 travel Destinations for 2019

Every women should travel to the places she wishes to, do the things she dreams of and just make precious life time memories. The best part was meeting so many fellow travel addicts who enjoy solo travel and discovering themselves on their adventurous holidays.
Getaway Goddess is a company that arranges special trips/vacations for women. They plan the entire trip from scratch for small groups or solo women travelers. Infact, they excel in tailor-made travel packages. Time to #TravelLikeAGoddess.

Solo Female Traveler

While solo traveling gives you an amazing opportunity to be the architect of your own adventure, it seems a tad bit scary at the same time. Soon, I will embark on a solo trip but not without making some pointers and gathering important tips all solo women travelers. You can use them too.

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10 Tips for the Solo Female Traveler

1. Breathe deeply and act confident

Those who don’t jump, will never fly. If you have decided on trip as a Solo Female Traveler then take it on confidently. This is something that develops with time as you become more comfortable finding your way by yourself to make your own decisions.
However, solo women who look nervous or confused can often attract the wrong kind of attention. So take note of your body language and facial expressions. I always wear dark eye wear and avoid making direct eye contract with strangers.


2. While you pack

Buy medium sized backpack  that is easy on the back with adjustable straps. You may not want carry your expensive Gucci bag with practically nothing fitting into it. And You really won’t need loads of make up, a simple kajal and lipstick will do. Your fellow travelers won’t be in full make-up! Try to save space, tuck socks in shoes, pill cases are a perfect solution to pack clips and jewellery.


Solo Traveler

3. Use trusted transport/Avoid Night Travel

If you have to do road journeys, try using trusted transportation. Maybe its advisable to use hotel transportation for airport transfers and sight seeing. Never arrive or start from any place when its dark. if you are going to be taking long journeys by road, try and travel during the day.

Good Transport

4. Do some homework

Before starting your trip, check out details of the place, list out the places of your interest. Would you rather visit a zoo or museum is entirely up to you as you are on a solo holiday.

Golden Temple

5. Tips while eating out

Sitting at a table to fine dine during a holiday could be extremely boring. It could be a better alternative to try a self-service cafe, or a smaller eatery. A burger or slice of pizza on the go while window shopping would be very enjoyable.

Goa travels


6. Carry Enough Cash

In addition to your credit cards, keep xeroxed copies of important documents. Also carry an extra stash of secret cash in a secret place in your luggage. Just in case you wish to do some extra shopping or face an emergency.

7. Dress local

Dress in loose comfortable clothing, look good but don’t overdress. You don’t want to draw unwanted attention. And I always carry a scarf or stole. It looks decent and stylish too. There is safety in blending in.


8. Travel Insurance is a must

Travel Insurance is not an unnecessary thing. You can never ever gauge the situation or foresee any disaster that may come your way in a totally new location. Most travel insurances cover basis loses of electronic items, injuries, road disaster or even hospital bills if need be.

9. Be in touch

Its a good idea to give your family members or dear friends the list of your daily itinerary. Even details of flights, hotel numbers, local travel agent’s contact details.
Stay in touch by regular texting, wattsapp, social media posts and pictures stating your whereabouts.

Solo traveler

10. My last advice – Just go for it.

Solo travel is the most thrilling opportunities a women will get when she travels alone – you’ve got no responsibilities to anybody but yourself, you can do what you want and leave when you like, and the buzz you get from the sense of freedom is simply spectacular.

Traveling alone opens up a whole new bunch of possibilities. The best part is,  you’ve got nobody to answer to but yourself! Cheers to all you women out there! Take that break.. You deserve it!


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