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    Visit Japan in 2020 – Cherry Blossom Festival

    2020, Visit the land of the Rising Sun -Beautiful Japan Cherry Blossom Festival  We would think that a country like Japan, rich in both traditional culture and technical innovation,  would be the most thrilling place to visit in spring. But when I googled for some information, I was surprised to find out that Japan is not such a popular destination for people traveling abroad. I wonder why? Considering this country has plenty to offer the offbeat traveler. Japan is rich in culture yet has progressed immensely in the field of science and technology. And the best time to visit would be during the Japan Cherry Blossom Festival from March-May. My memories…

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    Reminiscing Nepal – Kathmandu and the land of Beautiful Temples.

    Reminiscing Nepal tour review Nepal tour review is important before you take a trip, especially in recent times when the country is facing so many hardships due to the earthquake.  My blog post on reminiscing Nepal took quite a long time to complete as recalling memories 32 years ago was a very difficult task. How do I recollect the Nepal Itinerary Honeymoon holiday we took? What places did I visit? Happy memories were plenty but they fade away with time. It was the moment to revive those memories of an 18-year-old newlywed. However, one visit to this enchanted land was not enough so as a family we revisited Nepal 12…

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    Roam Unlimited with family and these tips.

    Get your Roam Unlimited pack today It’s that time of the year where you have finally decided to go roaming on an international vacation with your family this season? While most of you must be excited about this family trip, it also requires you to stay pre-planned in order to have the most amazing time with your family and make life long memories. Remember that this trip is going to be a learning experience for your kids, a reconnecting time amongst family members, a break away from stress and mundane life routine. So, here are some ways to preplan your trip as these little plans can go a long way and…