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    Shopping Experience with Zovi

    My online experience with zovi Shopping Hey friends, Online shopping is truly catching up. The first and most common reason why online sales are catching up is in convenience. You can shop any time of the day,  just open a little window or App on your PC and you can shop in the comfort of your home. With my mornings in school, then home, gym and my online work, it was getting impossible to take time out to get some new summer clothes. It’s nearly that time of the year again when you want to throw away your old salwar Kameezes and get into some summer cool fabrics! My first…

  • Cooking class in Mumbai

    Cook up some Delicacies with Hadiya Jumani-Cooking class in Mumbai

    Cooking class in Mumbai Is cooking every one’s cup of tea? Some of us find it difficult to apply those culinary skills from the recipe books into the kitchen. A good cook must be an ace at selection, measurement, and the combination of the requisite ingredients that would achieve a culinary accomplishment. Daily cooking we all can manage but for that special occasion , we need to equip and learn by doing. We should be so thankful to Entrepreneurs like Hadiya Jumani who has undertaken cooking class in Mumbai, the job to teach us the required skills, new recipes and help us dish out those delicacies we only dream of…