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    Simple Tips to Travel Safely During the Pandemic

    Simple Tips to Travel Safely During the Pandemic The last two years of the Pandemic and staying at home, has given me an experience of a different kind. I have gained plenty of wisdom that has made me the person whom I am today. A person who wants to live in the present. It is all that I have, to live in the moment and make the most of my precious today.  Pursuing my travel dreams get even more difficult with travel restrictions and overseas laws due to Covid-19. My anxieties are rising day by day and the feelings are turbulent. I need to get a hold of my emotions.…

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    T – Travel when you are young

    I have been very fortunate to take a holiday at least once a year, to some place far or near. The fun part is to do something out of your comfort zone. Like not knowing what to expect on the next road you drive through, the strange people you will meet and above all the long lasting memories you will make. Why travel when you are young? 1. YOLO You only live once they say. An opportunity lost is lost forever, the same goes for your travel opportunities.  So make the most while you are young and able. Sometimes we put off travel plans for another date and time, but…

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    Himachal Pradesh – The Best Places to Travel

    Himachal Pradesh – The Best Places to travel Travel isn’t just about research and facts but the personal experiences you make while visiting these places.  You may have gone through months attempting to think about a travel place, its climate, its seasons, the celebrations and the deals of the travel industry it offers. Sitting in Quarantine I have narrowed down on one such heavenly abode that every Indian should visit once in a lifetime – The State of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh is one the states of India’s northernmost region. The State is located in the northwest region of the Himalayas range.  Himachal Tourism enhanced furthermore in 1894 when the…

  • Niagara Fall
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    N – Niagara Fall – Beauty of The United States

    Niagara Falls | United States The season to explore is here! And all of you must be searching for a perfect getaway destination. If you’re a water baby, then Niagara Fall should be in your Bucket List! Niagara fall, situated on US and Canadian Border, separates the province of Ontario and New York State. Niagara fall is combined of three waterfalls namely, Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls. Horseshoe is the largest fall amongst these three. It lies on the border of the United States and Canada; while other two waterfalls completely lie in the US. Niagara is a quite famous tourist location due to all…

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    L- Limitless Ladakh #A2ZChallenge

    Ladakh Tourism If you wish to feel being on top of the world, then you should explore Ladakh Tourism. If you feel a connection with the mountains, then Ladakh is the place to go. Where is Ladakh? Ladakh is the adventure capital of India and Ladakh Tourism is gaining popularity. For all those whose wish for adrenaline filled vacation. Ladakh is the perfect destination. Its also known as ‘Land of High Passes’ an extremely mountainous region in the northwest Jammu and Kashmir region of India. Ladakh comprises of  2 districts: Kargil and Leh. Leh still looks and feels like Tibet than a part of India. You will find plenty of…

  • Egypt sightseeing
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    E – Enchanting Egypt Sightseeing Spots #A2ZChallenge

    Egypt sightseeing Egypt sightseeing – Since childhood, Enchanting Egypt has been on the very top of my travel bucket list. For the longest time history was my favourite subject, from the 4th grade to a Masters degree in history, I owe it all to Egyptian history and the intriguing mummies. Lol!! Enchanting Egypt always been a dream destinations tourist world over. The Mummies to Spynx, this mystical land fascinates almost everyone. For centuries, the iconic Pyramids of Giza have held visitors under their magic spells. Our Itinerary- Egypt sightseeing Blessed to have had the opportunity to visit Egypt more than a decade ago. It was an educational trip organized by…