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    H- Historic Hyderabad #A2Zchallenge

    Historic Hyderabad is better known as the City of Nizams and Urdu culture. It has recently developed to be the commercial/ IT hub of South India. The city is as famous as its arts, handicrafts and precious pearls. And on the food scene, it is famous for its lip-smacking and aromatic biryani. Have you been to Historic Hyderabad? I can proudly answer ‘Oh Yes!!’ In the year 2015, as a family, we took a short yet action-packed holiday. It is a historic city noted for its many monuments, temples, mosques, and bazaars. A multitude of influences has shaped the character of the city in the last 400 years. We had planned our itinerary and…

  • Alibaug Day Trip
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    A – Alibaug Day Trip from Mundane Mumbai City

    Alibaug  Day Trip Can you do A Alibaug day Trip? Do you need a weekend to discover Alibaug? Or can you do a fun filled Alibaug Day trip? Definitely, you can and achieve quite a lot. Take the last boat back at 6.30 pm. If you looking for some peace and calm, even if it’s just for a while, do Alibaug by day. Away from the maddening crowded trains of Mumbai, chaotic traffic and crazy frantic honking is this sleepy town with sprawling beaches and delicious food. Alibaug gives you the “Goa-vibe” and can sum up as a perfect mini getaway. Travel to Alibaug You can reach Alibaug by road,…

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    Visit Japan in 2020 – Cherry Blossom Festival

    2020, Visit the land of the Rising Sun -Beautiful Japan Cherry Blossom Festival  We would think that a country like Japan, rich in both traditional culture and technical innovation,  would be the most thrilling place to visit in spring. But when I googled for some information, I was surprised to find out that Japan is not such a popular destination for people traveling abroad. I wonder why? Considering this country has plenty to offer the offbeat traveler. Japan is rich in culture yet has progressed immensely in the field of science and technology. And the best time to visit would be during the Japan Cherry Blossom Festival from March-May. My memories…