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    The Art of Storytelling book

    The art of Storytelling book Today we will discuss the art of Storytelling book. We all love listening to stories but do we know the art of Storytelling. We always remember that one special story that has left a deep impact on our minds. You probably have favorite stories of your own. Maybe they’re stories about your family that you hear from your grandparents. Maybe they’re books you’ve read over and over yet they bring a smile to your face every time.   A good story can convey a message; make us laugh or cry while sending across the underlined message which is conveyed in it. Stories are powerful tools…

  • Honey and cinnamon benefits
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    Honey and Cinnamon Benefits

    Wonder combination of Honey and Cinnamon The honey and cinnamon benefits have been known for centuries in both traditional Chinese and Ayurveda, a system of healing founded 5000 years ago in India. The two ingredients with unique healing abilities have a long history as a home remedy. Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices known to mankind and honey’s popularity has continued throughout history Honey and cinnamon are both nutritious foods and contain vitamins and minerals that help to maintain good health. They contain nutrients which include water, protein, fiber, sugars and various vitamins and minerals. Cinnamon also contains a very low level of fat. 1) HEART DISEASES: Apply honey and…