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    Experience Pristine Panjgani at Shirin Villa this Summer

    Pristine Panjgani for Summer Holidays Where will the weary Mumbaikar head this Summers? While some will head to Goa for the sun and surf, others will head out to the hills. Need to get away from the maddening city even if it is just for a few days. I preferred famous hill station Panjgani. I still remember when my aunts and I took a road trip to Panjgani four years back, waking with the chirping of birds instead of the alarm. Uff, this feeling is divine. Sitting on the veranda with a cup of tea and reading an intriguing book. What more could I ask for? The best beautiful Hill…

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    Travel tips for Summer

    Travel tips for Summer Should I say yaay or naay?  Summer hols are here again but so is the heat. Even though the heat is killing, It is the best  time to travel.  As kids get a long break from school, and we all feel the need to take that break from our routine mundane life. Its time  to have some fun and let loose. Many of us like to spend the summer making travel plans and going to exciting places with friends and family. Family vacation travel can be enriching, enjoyable and exciting–but only if you’re organized. Sharing some travel tips with you.   Travel tips to make your…

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    Dream Destinations

    Whats your dream destination What would be your dream destination if there was no worry about the budget or time? Well I have many destinations all over the world that I wish to visit in the near future. I  have made a list and have been saving up my money to fulfill my travel dreams I will start from the seven wonders of the world. Lucky to have visited two of them from the list. Off My dream destination list 1. The Taj Mahal – When the First Asian Games held in New Delhi way back in 1982. I was in school and went on the school trip which was arranged…