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    Discover The Finest Fabelle Chocolates at ITC Maratha, Mumbai

    Discover fabelle Chocolates No offense to guys out there, but it’s true that every women’s’ first love is undoubtedly chocolates, that is, after their dads of course! She may at first grumble about weight gain but secretly love you more for bringing her chocolates. Fairly new on the exquisite chocolate range made from the  finest cocoa imported from 6 countries and unique ingredients, and exquisitely crafted by master chocolatiers is FABELLE CHOCOLATES… I was privileged to recently attend the Fabelle Chocolate Boutique launch in ITC Maratha, Mumbai. The evening saw a mix  of chocolate lovers, foodies, and blogger friends who gathered and bond over their love for chocolates and Discover…

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    Tips on Weight Loss With Water therapy

    A weight-loss journey/weight loss with water Can you achieve weight loss with water? I really don’t understand how a few cookies here and a small chocolate doughnut there, is causing the weighing machine to display that I have gained a few pounds. Off lately I have been eating a tremendous amount of junk food and giving in to my sweet cravings. The little weight I piled up looked cute on my face but not around my hips. However, when I had a setback in the month of August with a terrible knee injury, I knew I will have to get my diet under control. Being advised 10 days bed rest…