• How to deal with PMS
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    7 Tips For How To Handle And Deal With PMS Mood Swing

      How to deal with PMS? Why do we feel sad about certain days of the month? Have you ever reflected and wondered? Cramps, bloating and mood swings are a part and parcel of this too. If so, you should be aware of the physical and emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) each month. This is the discomfort and distress that often comes before your periods. Lets together make those lifestyle changes. Read all about my simple trial and tested that helped me, how to deal with PMS.  Maybe even you can try some to solve those problems.   Stay Active Physical activity improves blood circulation and helps our brain…

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    30 Day declutter Challenge.

    Hey friends, Let’s take the 30 Day declutter Challenge. This is tried and tested by Sweetannu. The whole of May I tried to declutter, with this fabulous method I  discovered on the internet. Sharing this with you guys. 30 Day De-Clutter Challenge Empty out one of your junk drawer Purge your closet of the things you no longer wear Go through your movie CD collection Clean out your television stand Go through your mail pile Clean off your kitchen table Purge two kitchen cabinets Discard old books Clean out your wallet Clean out your purse Purge your makeup bag Clean out empty/almost empty containers in the shower Purge your bathroom cabinets Go…

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    How to overcome fear in life

    My Fear Diary/ How to overcome fear in life Here is a short gist on my fears. Parents often worry about their children’s fears and anxieties. You can help your children overcome fears and to have the confidence needed to be able to face up to the hard things that will happen in their lives. Sometimes these fears develop through situations faced in life and sometimes parents instill these fears in their children. If one wants any fear can be overcome? My childhood fears I remember the fear of the policeman, doctors injection and getting locked up in the bathroom. Fear can also be taught by parents, brothers and sisters,…