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    3 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe And Healthy At Home

    3 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe As a parent, the top priority in your life is to keep your kids safe and healthy. However, since you can’t be with them all of the time to ensure that they’re doing what it takes to be safe and healthy, it’s vital that you put them in environments where the chances of illness and injury are reduced. To do this, you’ll need to make sure that your home is a good place for them to be spending their time. To help you see how you can better do this, here are three tips for keeping your kids safe and healthy at home. …

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    Tired of Parenting ? How to Re-Energize to be a Happy Mom

    How to be a Happy Mom? Difficult yet amazing. In fact its a feeling beyond compare, a life-changing experience! Being a Happy Mom can be difficult. When I decided to be a part of the #Momology blog train, least did I know that I will be visiting memory lane once again. Being a mother at the age of 20 was not a very easy task at all. I would cry in solitude, feel so burdened with housework, and sometimes hated the whole experience. That change was tough, I am sure all young moms understand what I went through. The mornings when you feel it was night ten minutes ago, your…

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    How to develop Listening Skills in children.

    The person who coined the phrase ‘A teacher’s job is never done’ must have definitely been a teacher. Yes, teaching has been the right profession for me; I can simply say that it enhances the creativity and eagerness to keep learning. When I  reflect over my years of teaching, realizing that what was relevant teaching back then is not so effective in today’s classroom scenario. What Children of today want. Children want more and have a thirst for knowledge. They want to reason, question and think rather than take instructions, listen and do. We have to be facilitators in the learning environment. Children learn more in their first five years…