• Bhutan
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    Breathtakingly Beautiful Bhutan

    My first impression of Beautiful Bhutan I am waiting to simply soak up the charm of Beautiful Bhutan with all my senses. Its a lush green country with breathtaking landscapes. If the pictures I surfed the net are so gorgeous, I cannot imagine what the real views would be – stunning beyond compare. Bhutan is the most mysterious and mystical places you could travel to. The government has policies to protect the country’s heritage and environment. There are no skyscrapers or high buildings, the houses are all built in a traditional style. How to get to Bhutan from India Paro Airport is the closest major airport in Bhutan. 2 airlines operate…

  • Visa on Arrival for Indians
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    Travel Overseas to 11 Countries without a Visa

    Countries Offered Visa on Arrival for Indians Sometimes, don’t we wish to just pack our bags and take off to a foreign destination. Only hoping that traveling overseas required no visa. However, the process of acquiring a visa can be so tedious. In today’s context, people don’t have spare time to fill documents and apply for the visa. But what if I told you that 59 countries around the world allowed to acquire a visa on arrival for Indians. The whole idea of going abroad for a vacation while avoiding the hassle of the visa process is fantastic, isn’t it?  Yes, why worry,  because your Indian passport is strong enough…