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    New Bandra Restaurants you must try.

    New Bandra Restaurants Before I start this post a small warning that some food pictures may make you drool profusely. Being a passionate foodie I  love discovering new Bandra restaurants. In the past I stumbled upon some cool, swanky and interesting places. And that’s not all, they offer you a food experience more than just food on a platter…. Will take you through a food tour of each place, an  easier ways to get acquainted with these New Bandra  Restaurants. 1.The English Department  Have you ever dined in a place that made you feel like you have traveled out of the country? I felt like I had traveled to good…

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    Fab Friday at Bandra West Restaurants

    Fab Friday at Bandra West Restaurants Why is Friday the 13th considered scarey? My grandmother always told me never to schedule anything big on Friday the 13th since things may not work out as planned, however, in all my years nothing ever happened to me on that day. This was a special Friday for a special reason. I was very excited to be invited by FBAI and 4Play lounge to an evening of fun, food & fusion cocktails. Meet up at new Bandra West Restaurants I was looking forward to going to this place as I had never been there before. I  arrived promptly at 8 PM and was courteously guided…