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    Happiness Makes the World go round.

    Happiness Makes the World go round. Everyone wants to be happy in this world, Everyone wants happiness but few really know what they are looking for.Is it an external feeling or an internal virtue one has to develop? Experts are still looking for the answer. Happiness Makes the World go round but how? The Oxford dictionary meaning of ‘Happiness’  is the feeling you have when things give you pleasure and can be quite a lively feeling; contentment is a quieter feeling that you get when you have learned to find pleasure in things. So lets elaborate on this beautiful feeling in the post below. When I popped the question to…

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    An Ode to all my friends- Friendship Day Messages

    Why people celebrate Friendship day Many people say that friendship day is just a marketing gimmick by the card making companies, to promote their products. And many say that they do not need a special day to express their friendship. But the origin of this day dates back to 1935, in the U.S when the U.S State Congress declared the first Sunday of August as a ‘National Friendship Day’.  Later many countries adopted it. This is one day that I like to celebrate. I don’t think it is silly to tie friendships bands on your good friends. It is simply a way of affirming ‘Yes, you matter to me and…

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    Celebrate Womenhood with Virani Diamonds

    Virani Diamonds are forever   Diamonds still signify the celebration of a union and cherished memory, though more cuts make more styles an easy option for diamond lovers. This season, make your special ones feel extraordinary by giving them something just as beautiful as them. The Event The Special preview of the latest collection from Virani (an online portal for diamond jewellery ) Launched in 2016 by young entrepreneurs, ‘Chirag & Hetal Virani’ who are the third generation in the diamond business, with the topic of gems and jewels being a common discussion on the dinner table. Viranigems.com introduces an innovative way of buying classy yet affordable diamond jewellery online.…

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    Fathers day wishes from a daughter – Happy Fathers Day Daddujaan

    Fathers day wishes from a daughter The relashionship between father and daughter is the most fantastic bond in the world. It is the best journey one can undertake which is nothing less than a blessing from God. It is a fusion of unconditional love, care and affection for each other. Each year the third Sunday in the month of June is termed as Father’s Day and is celebrated world over. In 2019, Father’s Day will fall on 16th June. A tribute on fathers day This Fathers Day I wish to express my love and gratitude towards my daddy who is such a selfless caregiver. My dad is kind, gentle, and very…

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    A Mothers Love Tribute- Short Mothers Day Poem

    What is Mothers love? A short Mothers Day Poem A short Mothers Day Poem –  What is Mothers love? The lucky ones like me will love to tell a tale or two. I have been thinking about what to write about my Mom because my entire world revolves around her. Where do I begin? Can I thank her enough? Will I make a fool of myself? None the less I have decided to do a blog post because I owe it to my dear Mom . Mothers love in childhood When I was a child Mummy had a great impact on my life as she was more than a dad…