• Best Temples of Jaipur
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    6 Most Famous Temples in Jaipur worth visiting

    When we recollect memories about Jaipur? What does come to our mind, besides it being called the beautiful Pink City? It’s a holy place that attracts many Hindu pilgrims to its temples. The majority of the famous temples in Jaipur have been worked by the maharajas of the city and all things considered, bear a solid resemblance with the landmarks that establish the pride of Jaipur. A portion of these temples stands on the premises of grand palaces and historical monuments of that time. The temples also the landmarks uncover the self-importance of these Rajputana rulers. My earlier post shed light on my two-day itinerary that I shared with my…

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    J – Joyous Jaipur, The Pink City #A2ZChallenge

    So The BlogChatter A to Z Challenge has reached the letter – J …. Shall I do J fo Jordan or Japan? Since I had covered my Jordan Journey and Cherry Blossom Festival of Japan in my earlier blog posts, I decided to do Jaipur Pink City. Why is Jaipur Pink City? Jaipur is popularly known as The Pink City because of the color of the stone exclusively used for the construction of all the structures. However, the history of Jaipur Pink City dates back to 1876.  That year Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria visited India and announced their visit to Jaipur. At that time, Maharaja Ram Singh of…