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    Vegetarianism in India with Dishcovery

    Vegetarianism in India   Vegetarianism in India has always been rooted in our Indian traditions. Nowadays, it’s gaining popularity among a number of people preferring vegetarian meals over non-vegetarian options due to reasons such as health & overall well being.  India has the highest percentage of vegetarians, and that’s not even really high.. It is just 31%, many of the countries around the world have simply 1~10% vegetarians. Surfing the Net   Totally addicted to social media and blogging, I am a voracious net reader and this topic aroused my curiosity on World Vegetarian day. I discovered a fantastic site that gives you the best of all Indian Cuisines ,…

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    Wish for a Pescafresh Fish on a dish?

    Pescafresh Fresh Seafood It that time of the year when you are sad it has come to an end yet happily excited to be a part of the New year and what it has to offer. While playing Secret Santa to many friends on Facebook and Twitter, www.pescafresh.com decided to be my Santa Claus and grant me my #wishforaFish. I wished for fresh Basa as I simply love that soft and tender fish. It has a light flavour and soft texture, making it perfect for adults and kids. And yes my wish came true. Thank-you!! More about Pescafresh A little more about the brand Pescafresh, it transports foodies on a…