• The ultimate guide to Indian Coffee
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    The ultimate guide to Indian Coffee

    The ultimate guide to Indian coffee -n When you head to the South Indian states, you can hardly move for the number of businesses, farms, and people that form part of the country’s extensive coffee trade. Venture to Kerala, Karnataka or Tamil Nadu and you will be right in the heart of the coffee country, and you won’t struggle to find people willing to sell you a fresh brew and tell you the story of the coffee’s journey from mud to mug. Estimates suggest that as many as a quarter of a million people in the country work directly as coffee growers, while millions upon millions are employed up and…

  • 10 Most Amazing Recipes From North-East India
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    10 Most Amazing Recipes From North-East India

    Are you one of the guys who love experiencing different food varieties from different cultures? If yes then we can confidently say you are going to fall in love with these 10 most amazing recipes from North-East India. But why they are so amazing? As we know, the core reason is the assimilation of multicultural elements. Yes, it is true that the north-eastern part of India is assimilated with too many cultures and this is the reason, why we can see here so many divisions in dressings, languages, festivals, and food. In this article, we are going to explore the 10 most amazing recipes from North-East India and also deeply…

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    Dettol Handwash Dettol Products are extremely trusted by everyone. My entire whole family and friends use Dettol Handwash. Its a value for money and has a pleasant fragrance It is perfect for everyday use with a product shelf life of 24 months. The company has created a unique solution formulated with Dettol Handwash and the bubble solvent. When the children burst the bubbles, their hands turned soapy. The Dettol Handwash Activity Where do we find the happiest faces of kids in India? It is in the Melas. From the rides and swings to their favourite food, the fun is endless. But there is one more thing, which is endless during these…

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    Lets Make India immune with Dabur Chyawanprash

    Dabur Chyawanprash, has been a brand we all can relate to. I am sure we all have had it in some stage of our lives as it is a product over 100 years old. It builds and strengthens the immune system for fighting viruses and bitter colds especially when given to children. School is a child’s second home. It’s where the child studies, plays, socializes and spends most of the day time. A school must be a safe, happy and clean environment to groom a batch of healthy-happy future citizens of our country. Healthy schools mean healthy kids and hence healthy nation. Developing immunity happens to be the most important…

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    Women Empowerment by Vodafone India

    iLet’s talk about Women empowerment in India The subject of women empowerment in India. It has become a burning issue all over the world, including India. Since the last few decades, inequalities between men and women, and discrimination against women have also been age-old issues, making Indian women fight for their right to education and gender equality. What already exists for men has to be demanded by women. Women empowerment in Jobs Being a pre-school teacher in an all-girls school, this subject is very close to my heart. I am proud to tell you that in 2015, I will complete 25 years in the teaching profession. Given my experience of…

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    Special Wine & Dine with MasterChef Brent Owens

    Meeting Masterchef Brent Owens Master Chef Australia plays a very important part in my life, sitting with the remote hidden under the sofa so no one changes the channel, I am following it since season one. The MasterChef -Season 6 was very interesting and I was elated when favourite Brent Owens won the title. Can you imagine my excitement when I won a Twitter contest hosted by Grand Hyatt? It was indeed a dream come true to dine with Brent Owens at the Cellini, Grand Hyatt with FBAI and a bunch of fellow food bloggers. We all dined with the one and only Masterchef Brent Owens who had curated a…