• Puran Poli Recipe

    Lets enjoy some hot homemade Puran Poli this Holi

    Puran Poli Recipe You must be wondering why Sweetannu is making a Puran Poli recipe and not Dal ni pori. Well, being a hardcore foodie, I relish all types of cuisine not only mine and especially enjoy Indian festivals with all its special dishes. So when my maid Sunita offered to help me made Puran Poli this Holi, I jumped to the idea. And of course!! Festival season is time for indulgence. The Puran Poli recipe is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet eaten during special occasions. It is basically a sweet paratha make with split Bengal gram (Channa Dal) but Tur dal is also used as an option for the filling.…

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    Celebrate Holi with Maharaja Bhog Holi Thali

    Bura Na Mano Holi Hai !!! When I hear the word ” Holi” I think of colour and along with colour I think of the colourful dishes. Holi is the time of celebration and relishing exotic foods. The most popular Thandai cannot be missed. Maharashtrians prefer Puran Poli. North Indians prepare Shakarpara and gujjias – a sweet samosa filled with mava, coconut, dry fruits which are fried and dipped in sugar syrup. Gujaratis make sweet khichdi and sweets like kheer, basundi, and malpuas. Only a crazy person will count calories on Holi, it was time to indulge !! Holi Thali at Maharaja Bhog at Juhu I got a kind invitation…