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    Pizza is Bae, Pizza saves your day.

    Are you a Pizza Lover? Very thoughtfully a foodie has coined the phrase “Pizza Lover” and now we all use it for our convenience. The question arises, why people around the world love eating pizza. I am guessing, it’s a combination of how the pizza smells, looks, and tastes. And also because of the way our taste buds have been developing with the change in food patterns and fast foods. , we love certain foods more than some others. That is the only reason People love eating Pizza because it is tasty and healthy too. But why does everyone love pizza? Let’s list down a few of the many reasons.…

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    New Bandra Restaurants to visit in the future

     New Bandra restaurants to visit Being a true Bandraite and a foodie, I recently discovered 5 new interesting Bandra restaurants, everyone must visit. Even though I belong to the classic foodie culture and love my Kheema Pau at GoodLuck Cafe, Lucky ki Biryani and Chicken Puff from Hearsh, I still keep my new eatery list updated. It has been two months into 2018 but I have tried and ticked off half  a dozen new eateries  in Bandra/Khar. The ones I really enjoyed got into my blogpost below with what they have to offer. FERRY WHARF According to me, Bandra much needed a fine-dining Seafood Restaurant and thank God for the…

  • Hilton Hotel Mumbai
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    Seafood festival at Imperial China, Hilton Hotel Mumbai

    Have you visited Hilton Hotels in India? In fact, its a new, enriching experience every time you visit. I visited Hilton Hotel Mumbai for an ongoing Seafood Festival. The first sight of the beautiful Crystal Lounge took my breath away, it gave me the feeling of visiting a palace. A perfect ambiance with crystal chandeliers, comfortable sofas, and lounge chairs, to top this, the magical charm of Hindi/English popular numbers being played on the piano. It made you feel warm and comfortable instantly and that’s what makes Hilton Hotel Mumbai stand apart from other hotels. Seafood Festival at Imperial China- Hilton Hotel Mumbai   We were in for a delectable…

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    The Ultimate Healthy Snacking option Hack

    Healthy Snacking option –   I am on the lookout for diet snacks or low-calorie munchies. Some of the present products in the market are boring and plain, just like a chalky bland Khakra or puffed tasteless puris and crispies. Snackaholics like me can rejoice now. Now in-between meal snacking, midnight hunger pang snacking not a problem at all. If you want to discover something new, low calorie yet flavorsome   Sustenance Food -Snacking The Delicious Artisan Food Introducing ‘Sustenance Foods’, a boutique gifting studio by Richa and Neha that have brought together a range of delicious artisan food that is handcrafted and made in small batches using the highest…

  • Top restaurants in Bandra

    Top Restaurants in Bandra to try

    Top Restaurants in Bandra Hello Lovely people!!, With restaurants and bars sprouting up in Bandra like mushrooms, how does one determine which one is one of the top restaurants in Bandra. Worth our money and most importantly worth making beautiful memories over lunches and dinners with loved ones.  Yours truly Sweetannu recently tried some new places and decided to recommend them to her readers and food enthusiasts. Read on and drool on that delicious food. And find the Top restaurants in Bandra.    Bohemian Brew Bohemian Brew is an all-new Tea cum Sheesha destination in Khar, Bandra. Which promises to serve the best variety of tea with sheesha along with…