• The story of Ganesh Chaturthi

    The Story of Ganesh Chaturthi – Oh, My Friend Ganesha!!

    This Beautiful Festival Of Ganesh Chaturthi The story of Ganesh Chaturthi – Since childhood, I always had a fascination for the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. During the ’70s our family used to reside at Khetwadi, Grant Road; an area that had a majority of the Hindu population. Festivities of Ganapati started with a lot of pomp and grandeur. Each lane of Khetwadi would set up a Sarvajanik Mandap with beautifully decorated stage displaying the heavenly adorned Ganapati idol. Each unique in itself.   My Childhood story of Ganesh Chaturthi Being kids it was very mystical to enter the makeshift bamboo structure so as to see the light and sound drama. The…