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    Z- Zero Waste Travel Essentials – Ultimate Guide #A2ZChallenge

    Zero Waste Travel Essentials We all love to travel, but do we travel with responsibility and awareness? Holidays are for fun but not waste. Need to spread awareness of zero waste travel essentials that reduce the carbon footprint on Nature. Yes, you should take the initiative! It’s hard to be a zero waste traveler but we can start by being conscious and reduce waste. We can first stop the use of disposable goods. Let’s learn more about Zero Waste Travel Essentials. Start from the beginning  Plan ahead, that keeps you in a happy mood too. Instead of printing your plane ticket, you should get a PDF of your ticket on your cell…

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    Home Cleanliness Products- New Herbal Strategi Review

    Let’s talk about Home cleanliness products today… I am always on the lookout for the best cleaning products and techniques to keep my home spotlessly clean. Often I ask my friends for recommendations and easy home cleanliness tips. Don’t we wish that cleaning can be an easy task with the best products available? Who would want to come home tired and then clean up a dirty kitchen? Hate those harsh acids and chemical cleaners which could be harmful to your skin besides emitting a horrid stink. On weekends, I get into the saaf- safai mode. Cleaning the walls, scrubbing the corners of the floor, getting my windows and bathroom tiles…

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    Ganpati Eco Friendly visarjan – with Vodafone Eco-Ponds

    Eco-friendly Visarjan   What do you mean by an Eco-friendly Visarjan? Every year around August and September, the country gears up for the ten-day festivities of Ganesh Chaturthi. As Indian citizens, we should be aware of the repercussions while enjoying festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi. This involves lots of decorations, food, flowers, devotional music, etc. In order to protect the city’s water bodies from getting polluted during the immersion of the idols. Surely it a matter of concern over the years. That’s why Vodafone Eco-Ponds the great initiative will help to reduce pollution. Vodafone India’s Vodafone Eco-Ponds Noble Initiative Telecom service provider Vodafone India unveiled its initiative ‘Vodafone Eco-Ponds’ on the occasion…