• Maharaja Whiteline mixer
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    Cooking made easy with Maharaja Whiteline Mixer

    Hello friends. You all are well aware of my passion for food. It’s not only eating and reviewing food or even making interesting dishes in my kitchen. It’s all about learning and experimenting with ingredients in the kitchen when I develop recipes for my new blog Cookwithsweetannu.com. Basically, I enjoy cooking but kitchen aid is also very important in this process. Today I will review the Maharaja Whiteline Mixer. Maharaja Whiteline Mixer Grinder review I am really so impressed with the Maharaja Whiteline Powerclick+ Mixer Grinder. It’s the biggest asset in my kitchen. It makes my food preparation easier and quicker because of its Hercules motor of 750W. It works…

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    Assamese Fish Curry with bamboo shoots by Rumi Mahanta Dutta.

    Assamese Fish curry Today let us learn a very simple Assamese Fish curry by an expert in Assamese Cuisine. I will let her take over and introduce the recipe. Hello, I am Rumi Mahanta Dutta, a food blogger based on Dibrugarh, Assam. Here in this Guest post, I am going to share a simple Assamese fish curry recipe. Assam’s love for fish is legendary. We Assamese people  generally eat sour fish curries “the famous Assamese Masor Tenga”  There are different sour ingredients found in Assam to make fish curries such as Outenga (elephant apple),  mosondori (Polygonum microcephalum),  thekera  (garcinia pedinculata),  kaji nemu (Assam lemon),  khorisa (fermented bamboo shoots ), etc. But as these ingredients may not be available in other parts of India, I…

  • Puran Poli Recipe

    Lets enjoy some hot homemade Puran Poli this Holi

    Puran Poli Recipe You must be wondering why Sweetannu is making a Puran Poli recipe and not Dal ni pori. Well, being a hardcore foodie, I relish all types of cuisine not only mine and especially enjoy Indian festivals with all its special dishes. So when my maid Sunita offered to help me made Puran Poli this Holi, I jumped to the idea. And of course!! Festival season is time for indulgence. The Puran Poli recipe is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet eaten during special occasions. It is basically a sweet paratha make with split Bengal gram (Channa Dal) but Tur dal is also used as an option for the filling.…

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    The Authentic Recipe of Parsi Bhakra ( Biscuit type Donut)

     Parsi Bhakra Recipe I can proudly proclaim to be married into a Parsi bhakra loving family. I clearly remember my mother-in-law making Parsi bhakras in her Dahanu home every Sunday, cooling them and packing them in a big stainless steel box for her son. It was a ritual she never skipped, once all the other household work was done it was  Parsi Bhakra Recipe time. A big thali was taken and all the ingredients were mixed with a heavy hand. My mother-in-law would instruct the maid to knead with a heavy hand and add according to the recipe in her head. She never used measured proportions yet the bhakras turned…