• The ultimate guide to Indian Coffee
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    The ultimate guide to Indian Coffee

    The ultimate guide to Indian coffee -n When you head to the South Indian states, you can hardly move for the number of businesses, farms, and people that form part of the country’s extensive coffee trade. Venture to Kerala, Karnataka or Tamil Nadu and you will be right in the heart of the coffee country, and you won’t struggle to find people willing to sell you a fresh brew and tell you the story of the coffee’s journey from mud to mug. Estimates suggest that as many as a quarter of a million people in the country work directly as coffee growers, while millions upon millions are employed up and…

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    Dream date with New Magnum Icecreams

    Magnum icecreams Launch “Forget it I rather fall for Chocolate,” says the foodie in me. Even though chocolate is not a substitute for love, it’s the one thing I can devour any time of the day and relish without guilt. It’s an instant happy feeling I get when I feel low. On the other hand, coffee is what I like to have with friends, catching up on childhood memories. I am not addicted to coffee at all. If they asked me to choose between Coffee and Chocolate, I’d choose a #PerfectBlend of the two It’s Aromatic To Smell & Pleasant To Taste. The Beautiful aroma of Coffee and the rich…