• how to be a Happy Mom
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    Tired of Parenting ? How to Re-Energize to be a Happy Mom

    How to be a Happy Mom? Difficult yet amazing. In fact its a feeling beyond compare, a life-changing experience! Being a Happy Mom can be difficult. When I decided to be a part of the #Momology blog train, least did I know that I will be visiting memory lane once again. Being a mother at the age of 20 was not a very easy task at all. I would cry in solitude, feel so burdened with housework, and sometimes hated the whole experience. That change was tough, I am sure all young moms understand what I went through. The mornings when you feel it was night ten minutes ago, your…

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    The Art of Storytelling book

    The art of Storytelling book Today we will discuss the art of Storytelling book. We all love listening to stories but do we know the art of Storytelling. We always remember that one special story that has left a deep impact on our minds. You probably have favorite stories of your own. Maybe they’re stories about your family that you hear from your grandparents. Maybe they’re books you’ve read over and over yet they bring a smile to your face every time.   A good story can convey a message; make us laugh or cry while sending across the underlined message which is conveyed in it. Stories are powerful tools…

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    Discover new shades of green with ‘Godrej Greens’

    Discovering Godrej Greens YOLO – You Only Live Once (expressing the view that one should make the most of the present moment without thinking about the future). The biggest worry for parents today is ensuring the best for their children, whether it is education, career or even providing outdoor recreation.  Anyone who has raised a child or watched a child grow knows that children involved in extra-curricular activities are well groomed. Being a pre-school teacher I always insist on the importance of outdoor play, fresh air and exposure to sunlight.   Children & extra-curricular activities Extra-curricular activities play a vital role in the growth and development of children. Hidden talents in children…

  • The story of Ganesh Chaturthi

    The Story of Ganesh Chaturthi – Oh, My Friend Ganesha!!

    This Beautiful Festival Of Ganesh Chaturthi The story of Ganesh Chaturthi – Since childhood, I always had a fascination for the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. During the ’70s our family used to reside at Khetwadi, Grant Road; an area that had a majority of the Hindu population. Festivities of Ganapati started with a lot of pomp and grandeur. Each lane of Khetwadi would set up a Sarvajanik Mandap with beautifully decorated stage displaying the heavenly adorned Ganapati idol. Each unique in itself.   My Childhood story of Ganesh Chaturthi Being kids it was very mystical to enter the makeshift bamboo structure so as to see the light and sound drama. The…

  • Pimple Care cream

    My Skin Diary for Pimple Care

    Let’s talk about Pimple Care Cream Pimple Care Cream –  Pimple/Acne/Zits are the most dreaded words in a Girls dictionary, these words were a reality in my world. As a part of adolescence, it was the biggest problem I faced when I looked in the mirror every morning. I simply hated that big red boil which appeared overnight from nowhere right in the middle of my cheek. It feels that you have been cheated. Next step, pinch and squeeze it in spite of knowing I should not do that, hoping that it would magically disappear and be considerate to me. Alas in vain it simply got worse leaving an open…